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EcoTraining enjoys varied and very positive media coverage about the work that it does. Here are several examples.

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EcoTraining in the jewel of Kruger Park (Makuleke)

EcoTraining’s Kruger National Park camp is situated in the Makuleke concession. This is a true wilderness area, steeped in history and situated in the remotest part of Kruger, in one of the most biologically diverse areas.

On your desktop: wild Mashatu in Botswana

Mashatu camp in Botswana is a spiritual place.
An extremely bio-diverse reserve, Mashatu offers incredible interactions and sightings of elephant. Home to the nyala berry tree (mashatu tree) and many others, it offers a remarkable base from which to learn about wildlife on an EcoTraining course.

We heart the bush – what students say about their EcoTraining experience

Students of the EcoTraining Professional Field Guide course tell you what life in the bush is all about – and why they love being out here in the wild.

A life for the bush – interview with our Mashatu instructor, Okwa Sarefo

"You can be offered a job with a high-paying salary, but you still stick to this one because you love it."

Okwa Sarefo was born in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, and has been a field guide throughout the whole of his adult life. He is working as a freelance instructor for EcoTraining, teaching people from all over the world the importance of conserving African wildlife.

Explore your passion – interview with EcoTraining instructor Andreas Fox

"I was born in Africa and it wasn't until I left that I really realised how great it was."

After three years of studying law in the UK, Andreas Fox returned to Africa, where he was born, to explore his love for the African bush – and turned it into a career. He is now working as a freelance instructor for EcoTraining in South Africa, as well as a guide in his home country, Kenya.

SÜDAFRIKA - #JAWORSKYJ AROUND THE WORLD – A German photo-journalist blogger captures EcoTraining at Makuleke

Print articles about us

The Telegraph - April 2017

Courses designed for professional guides are available to the public – at a fraction of the cost of a safari. Richard Madden hones some new skills in Botswana

ADAC Reisen - December 2016

Spurensicherung - Leonie March

Wer auf Safari nur Löwen oder Elefanten im Kopf hat, verpasst viel.
Der Busch ist voller rätselhafter Geschichten, die nur ein Fährtenleser entziffern kann. Eine uralte Kunst, die in Südafrika gelehrt wird.

Abendsonne Afrika News – 2016

Anton Lategan, Eigentümer von Afrikas anerkanntestem und größten Safari-Guide Schu-lungszentrum "EcoTraining“ und Abendsonne Afrika haben es sich zum Ziel gemacht, Tiere vor Wilderei zu bewahren und ihre Lebensräume zu erhalten.

Zambezi Traveller – December 2015

Walking back in time – Carol O'Neill-Williams

Twice a day, through-out the year – come rain or shine – small groups of not more than eight people set off on a guided walk through the park with Livingstone Rhino Safaris. I have had the privilege of joining one of these groups, and it is an activity I would strongly recommend to anyone who is visiting Livingstone.

Wild magazine – Winter 2015

Appetite for Adventure – Albie Venter

With ever more people wanting to explore the bush on foot, field guide training has become hugely popular. Wild joins a course near Pafuri in Kruger’s far north. 

Zambezi Traveller newspaper – June 2015

The making of a good guide – Kath Greathead

A taut cheetah stalks across the plains; a pack of wild dogs begins the evening hunt; star-spangled skies; a dusty red sunset silhouetting a protected rhino family ... These are some of the things that attract tourists and adventurers to Africa.

Intrepid Explorer magazine – 2015

Girls gone birding – Rachel Lang

What happens when the vibrant party of birdwatchers you’re with are just as colourful as the birds themselves? When the quiet, contemplative moments so necessary for taking in new information are matched by fits of laughter?

Story of a British boy – 2015

Francesco Tomasinelli

Storia di un ragazzo inglese, giunto in Africa da turista e tornato a casa con un chiodo fisso: tornarci da ranger.

Abenteuer und Reisen – 2015

Sehnsucht nach wildnis – Adrienne Friedlaender

Afrikareisende beneiden Parkranger und Tracker um ihren Beruf inmitten des Buschs. Bei einem siebentägigen Schnupperkurs kann man die Grundlagen des Traumjobs erlernen. 

GETIT Lowveld magazine – August 2014

Eco Visionary – Ciska Kay

Part-owner of EcoTraining, Africa’s most accredited and largest safari-guide training company, Mbombela’s Anton Lategan is a big-picture, high-energy guy with a simple message.

Afrika Viva magazine – 2014

Vom exportleiter zum ranger – Rainer Kerscheck

Meine Eltern wanderten 1964 in das heutige Nambia aus.

Laura magazine – 2014

Mal Ranger spielenin Südafrika – Adrienne Friedlaender

Wie ist es, mitten in der Wildnis zu leben? Autorin Adrienne Friedländer konnte es im Krüger-Nationalpark ausprobieren.

Sunday Times – August 2013

Rich man, spoor man – Marianne Schwankhart

A veteran tracker teaches Marianne Schwankhart the fine art of reading footprints in the bush.

Mango Inflight magazine – October 2013

Tracking a toktokkie – Ingrid Jones

Tracking is a form of of forensics: you have to establish beyond a shadow of doubt that an imprint is that of a kudu and not an impala. And searching for elephants and beetles in Botswana proves no different.

Online articles and blogs about us

What it is like to be a field ranger in the Masai Mara in Kenya

Masai field ranger from the Masai Mara in Kenya, Titimet Nampaso, came to South Africa and was taken for training through the Kruger National Park to Maluleke for training. His views on conservation are refreshing.

Field Guide Training: Mashatu, Botswana (January 2012)
Makuleke Trail: Getit Lowveld (May 2017)

To experience the wildest and remotest parts of the Kruger National Park (KNP) you should leave your cellphone and wristwatch at home. Nicolene Olckers dons hiking boots, packs her backpack and sets out to get bush-wise in the Makuleke Concession in the Pafuri region of the Kruger.

This camp is offering the cheapest safaris in Africa - The Telegraph (April 2017)

EcoTraining has been training bush guides for more than 20 years. Now, it is also offering short courses to tourists as a more immersive alternative to a traditional safari – and at a fraction of the cost.

Conservation students enter war on rhino poaching (February 2017)

A group of students studying in Cornwall have been playing their part in the war against poaching as part of a conservation experience of a lifetime in South Africa.

Die Kunst des Fährtenlesens - Leonie March (January 2017)

Im Norden des Krüger-Nationalparks wandern Elefanten, Giraffen, Löwen, Hyänen oder Büffelherden quer durch die Savanne von Südafrika nach Mosambik und Simbabwe – und hinterlassen Spuren. Die sind hochinteressant, wenn man sie denn lesen kann. Angehende Field Guides lernen das.

How dung beetles give birth to baobab trees – Scott Ramsay – Africa Geographic

We were dwarfed by a baobab tree in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve of south-eastern Botswana. I stretched out my arms against the trunk, then walked slowly around it and measured the circumference, which came to about 20 metres.

Abenteuer Ranger Training – Sabine Kreuz

Ob auf der Straße, am tosenden Meer oder unter wilden Tieren: Das Land der Regenbogennation ist so facettenreich und vielseitig, dass seine Highlights ein ganzes Buch füllen. Unser “Best Of” ist wie ein Kompass, der den Weg zu den schönsten Abenteuern weist: Einfach eintauchen und bei der nächsten Südafrika Reise inspirieren lassen!

What makes a birding trip extraordinary – Rachel Lang

Relentless heat, exceptional bird-watching and uncontrollable laughter don’t let you forget. During EcoTraining‘s week-long birding course, we (fellow bush-loving friend Lauren and I) laughed until our stomachs hurt, doubled our bird knowledge, and showered three times a day to keep cool.

A trek on the wild side – Andreas Fox – Nation Newspaper online

Being on foot with an expert guide allows you to get the sensory experience and thrill of spending time with the animals, especially "Big 5".

Never ask to see a leopard on safari – Chris Stamper – Africa Geographic

As we were nearing the end of the our Level 1 FGASA course the guiding students were starting to explore the area for a suitable route for each of their assessments, whilst brushing up on a few of their new skills.

Douwlina, a rhino’s story – Brightskypress

When you do the same thing every day, it’s easy to forget what the big picture looks like. The result you’re striving for starts to fade into the everyday details, and you’re suddenly bogged down by things that seem meaningless. 

Bushboundgirl – Rachel Lang

The week-long EcoTraining Birding in the Bush course I attended with my fellow bush-loving friend Lauren de Vos took place in the northern Kruger National Park’s remote Makuleke Concession. The area could arguably be described as the Swarovski of South African birding destinations.

Baobab Stories – Heike Pander

Makuleke Concession in the northern part of the Kruger National Park in South Africa hosts some of the most beautiful and magnificent baobabs in the country. Hans-Jürgen Keck, a passionate photographer, photography coach and Africa fan, has been there in 2014.

Six adventure vacations includes tracking as one – Maryam (Canadian publication, The Globe)

If the Internet had been around when I left school I’d have found out how easy it was to become a safari guide. But alas it was not the case: instead I waited some 20 years for my mid-life crisis to take hold.

Von Berlin in den Bush – Bedouin Writer

Ich würde ja gerne behaupten, dass mein Plan, mich in Afrika zum Ranger ausbilden zu lassen am Boden eines zu häufig gefüllten Schnapsglases gelegen hätte.

10 dinge die ich im busch gelernt habe – Bedouin Writer

Ich befinde mich grad mitten drin auf der spannendsten Reise meines Lebens – zurück zu mir, zurück zur Natur, zurück zu dem kleinen Kind, das gern im Matsch spielt, das ich einmal war. 

Tips for South Africa – Welt newspaper, Germany

Anreise Zum Beispiel mit South African Airways ( oder Lufthansa ( nonstop von Frankfurt oder München nach Johannesburg.

Mashatu: Learning from nature - Scott Ramsay - News24

I’d come here to better understand Africa’s natural heritage, to learn about things large and small, from dung beetles to baobabs. In the process, I inadvertently unlearned a few things that I had been taught in city classrooms.

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