February 14, 2017

Love lessons from the bush

Love takes its shape and form in a countless number of ways, be it between humans or animals. In the past 23 years, our trainers and students learning amidst wildlife, have been lucky enough to witness and capture all sorts of love lessons from the bush. What better way to learn than from nature itself. 

Love is...about adoring each other

It's about testing your limits

Working together towards a better future

Holding on to your loved one, no matter how

(Photo by Lex Hes)

Accepting each other's differences

(Photo by Cara Pring)

Persisting, even if in the face of rejection

Taking care of each other's every need

(Photo by Lex Hes)

Making time for one another

(Photo by Lex Hes)

Making love, not war

Sometimes crossing boundaries

In the end..love conquers all and should last an eternity

(Photo by Ben Coley)

Happy Valentine's day. Let every day be a Valentine's day...

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