Mara Safari Guide

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a Safari Guide in Africa?  This 14-day program packed with adrenaline of the "big five" on the Mara plains, guiding skills, and life and work with Maasai Mara communities will give you the unique safari experience you've been looking for.

Why do this course?

Based on EcoTraining's well-known 28 day Safari Guide course conducted across most of our camps, this program is aimed at those looking for a safari experience in Kenya whilst also learning about the wildlife and nature you will see there.   

Live in our Mara Training Centre with daily bush activities on the Masai Mara plains teeming with wildlife; learn to track and trail game; learn about the fauna and flora, study the Kenya night skies and get to know how the ecosystem ticks. Your appreciation of the life of safari guides in Africa and of Kenya's natural world will exponentially expand. 

Some subjects covered on course

The following subjects are related to the context of the Mara's natural environment and ecosystem.   The guiding skills taught are universal and relevant to many necessary life skills. 

  • Ecology and geology
  • Climate and weather
  • Cultural and medicinal uses of plants
  • Animal tracks and tracking
  • Animal behaviour
  • Bird identification and behaviour
  • Navigation skills and situational awareness
  • Sensitive 4x4 driving skills
  • Creating photographic opportunities
  • Correct binocular use



2017 - To be confirmed


2017 14-day - USD 2340

EcoTraining instructors in action on the wildlife conservancies, interpreting nature and guiding

EcoTraining instructors in action on the wildlife conservancies, interpreting nature and guiding

Course dates

19 July-1 August 2017 (Mara Training centre) 

26 August-8September 2017 (Mara Training centre)

15 September-28 September 2017 (Mara Training centre)

17 June-30 June 2018 (Mara Training centre)

18 July-31 July 2018 (Mara Training centre)

Where is the program based?

The Mara Training Centre is nestled alongside the banks of the Mara river, opposite Masai communities and on the border of the Mara wildlife conservancies.   The combination of communities and their livestock and crops, the wild game and the safari lodges makes for an inspirational story and experience.