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Blog: From The Field

In search of the African Grey Unicorn

Unicorns, mythical beasts that are confined to fairy tales and children’s storybooks, right? Wrong. If you come to South Africa and look deep into the African bush you might just see one. No, I’m not talking about the fabled horses/goat type animal with flowing manes and a single horn, but rather something that is more prehistoric, a critically endangered herbivore, a mammal with stunning grey skin, and two beautiful but deadly horns.

Altering Course: An Interview with Bouke Lolkema

Society tells us our lives will be mapped out by our youth and our ambition: what schools we attend, who we marry, or what high-paying career we take on. But those are not the only factors that determine our paths. Sometimes tectonic forces are working deep below our feet, waiting to show us paths we had not prepared for when we least expect them—after our careers, our schooling, and our lives are pretty much sorted out. Or so we thought...

Another Successful Day at the Office

In the middle of the Mashatu bush, in the early hours of the morning, I was woken by the loud roar of a male lion. I was hesitant to get out of bed and shine my touch to see if the lion was anywhere near my tent. I decided to climb back into bed. By the sound of the roar, the lion was not that close to the camp.

How WILD can it get?

As the sun slowly rises over the horizon the dawn chorus of a new day starts. Crested Francolins call in duet and the birds of prey start to warm up, desperately waiting to catch a morning commute with the rising thermals. It is here on the Southern side of Ndlovu dam where JP Le Roux and myself are doing some filming for our Youtube channel while enjoying a morning French pressed coffee.

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Join us on an African safari as we search for animals of the wild LIVE from South Africa and twice a day our expert guides take you on a virtual safari experience. Interact with your guide by asking questions through the comments section. ... See MoreSee Less
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Why not spend 28-days in the #MasaiMara experiencing the wonders of #EastAfrica
You will get to spend a month traversing the fascinating landscapes of the great #Mara the home of the #GreatMigration

To learn more about the course: https://ecotraining.co.za/.../kenya-bronze-safari-guide/

In our latest #blog, #SelatiCampManager Emma Summers draws us into the world of the mythical beasts of #Africa - In search of the #AfricanGreyUnicorn

Have you guessed yet what the #African #unicorn is?https://www.ecotraining.co.za/in-search-of-the-african-grey-unicorn/


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