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Blog: From The Field

Pridelands Camp by Emily Whiting

Barely 5 minutes from the charming safari town of Hoedspruit lies an unassuming gate into a little-known wonderland of treasures. Pridelands Conservancy officially dropped its fences to become part of the Greater Kruger in 2017, and since then, the area has flourished. An influx of wildlife has migrated to the property, from predators looking for new territories to hungry elephants keen to sample the pristine vegetation.

My South Africa by Amit Franko

My story begins like an ordinary student story. I felt closed I'm my room after a challenging semester of studies. The pandemic didn't make it any easier. I felt suffocated in my room and, to be honest, in my country as well. I felt the need to go and explore more places and see more views. But most importantly, to have new and exciting experiences. I decided to take a short break from my studies and do a course in South Africa.

Terrestrial Planets

There are four Terrestrial Planets in our Solar System. These Planets happen to be our closest neighbors and the closest to our Sun. They are also known as the Inner Planets. They are Mercury, Venus, Mars, and of course our home Earth. Scientists think that during the formation of our Solar System there were more than likely more Terrestrial Planetoids but that they either merged with each other or were destroyed.

Running to the rhythm of the bush

One of the first things you will probably learn out in the African bush is the famous rule – Don’t run! As a runner, I guess this golden rule won’t help me get a gold medal at my upcoming race as it stops me dead in my tracks quite literally. The idea of possibly becoming prey when you kick up the pace is a frightening thought as there is no way you can outrun anything out here, even if you were the fastest animal on two legs.

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Women's Month - Honouring all Women in the Field 🌸Rosie, as she's known at camp, has worked for EcoTraining for several years. Her hard work and dedication paid off when she was promoted and trusted with the responsibility of camp coordinator at the EcoTraining Pridelands camp.Rosie feels at home in the bush and has developed a love for the wild animals she sees daily. "My favourite animal is a lion; I see myself in a lioness. Whatever she wants, she gets; no one will stop her. She provides food for everyone; she makes sure no one goes hungry. She's not scared of anything, and she will make sure she does anything to ensure her family is well fed," said Rosie.🦁She believes it is a privilege to be a woman in what has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. Rosie is happy that more women are starting to work in areas like the bush. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

Watch today's video!! We join EcoTraining Instructor Mike Anderson for our third episode of Guiding 101. In this episode, we are take a look at spotlight use, the ethics and some hints & tips. 🔦🚙Night drives afford an excellent opportunity and a different perspective to view predators, amongst other nocturnal animals that one seldom sees in daylight.Let's hop into the game drive vehicle with Mike and take a safari night drive here: 👉 ow.ly/FtpM50KjIh6 👈 ... See MoreSee Less
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