What is a guide and what is a ranger?

People often tend to confuse the roles of a Field Guide and Game or Park Ranger. Even though the basis of their knowledge is the same their functions in the industry are very different.


Why we enrolled on a One Year Safari Guide course!

Are you thinking of taking a year out of your life and do an EcoTraining Professional Field Guide course? The new intakes of this course made this big decision not so long ago and they share their reasons behind their decisions with us.


Back where I began – Jomi Krobb

We are humbled to meet up with our past students, especially when they are back with EcoTraining to take their qualifications to the next level.


Look who visited us in camp!

Since we are celebrating World Elephant day today, we want to share our fondest and most intimate memories of elephants visiting our camps.


American students fund a dehorning project

A group of students recently experienced the raw reality of a rhino dehorning process. It was a sad, yet humbling experience to be remembered for years to come.


How to tell the difference: white rhino and black rhino tracks

Animal track identification can become difficult if you do not know the basic distinguishing features of tracks. In this blog Norman explains the difference between white rhino and black rhino tracks.