A day filled with wildlife encounters

Mashatu is one of those special wilderness places that never disappoints. Today has been an eventful day at Mashatu with countless, exciting game encounters. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the week will hold for our students. Henry tells us all about the events of the day…


Georg Messerer – the road to become a true conservationist

Georg Messerer from Germany, a past one year Professional Field Guide student of EcoTraining, has been involved in an exciting rewilding project in Europe. Proud of the impact EcoTraining has had on his life direction, we share Georg’s inspirational conservation story with you.


A dream realisation in progress – Louise Monsey

“Your dreams are your life’s purposes, so don’t give up” –Anonymous. Louise Monsey, a recent EcoTraining graduate, is a shining example of a determined person who did not let anyone discourage her and now she is living her dream.

Guilty pleasures in the bush

When living and working in the bush, one does not always have luxuries at hand, but that does not mean that you can’t improvise and embrace what the bush has to offer! I asked some of our instructors to share their ‘guilty pleasures’ with us. Some were to the point, some profoundly philosophical, and others described pleasures that instantly made us want to join in on the fun!

Why the buffalo?

Anton Lategan, co-owner and managing director of EcoTraining, is more than passionate about his company, EcoTraining. Having owned it since 1993, he is the DNA of EcoTraining and all that it stands for. Anton feels that there are certain attributes of EcoTraining that should never change, no matter the influences of technology, outside opinions or current trends.


Have you ever seen a ‘jumping bean’?

While walking through the African bush you may often come across some surprising elements. Some of them are not always self-explanatory and get one contemplating and curious, especially when you see seeds jumping all over the ground!