My first wildlife encounter as a Safari Guide trainee

Let’s go back in time to our holiday or course in the bush and recall that thrilling moment when you first encountered one of Africa’s beautiful animal species on a game drive.


Kenya: an unusual sighting

It is unusual for cheetahs to scavenge off each other, and this sighting of a male and female cheetah sharing a meal left everyone puzzled.


EcoTraining: Photos of the week #2

Every photo has a story to tell and every week the story will have a different ending. In nature not one day is the same which makes life in the bush a thrilling experience.


A walk in the bush

“There is something right about seeing animals on foot rather than from the great fuming hide of a vehicle. Here we are all animals with needs for water and shelter, at a respectful and proper distance. Here one is excited by tracks of animals one doesn’t see or by working out how the lions killed the eland carcass we come across”.


EcoTraining: Photos of the week #1

After a camp visit to three of our four wilderness camps, we walked away with a renewed love for nature and its inhabitants and it left us in awe of the beautiful African bush.


Birds of a feather flock together?

However, this isn’t true in the case of EcoTraining. Talking to participants enrolled on one particular course, we couldn’t get a melting pot of more diverse people with contrasting origins, careers, backgrounds and appearances.


Matrics go big in the bush this December

Have you ever thought of having a matric rage in the African bush? Based in a beautiful big five game reserve, with a comfy tented camp as your base, embrace the celebrations with a whole lot more meaning, adventure, memories and experiences