Camp news: Floods at Mashatu

At EcoTraining, our trainers and learners acknowledge and respect that Mother Nature is more powerful than man. It is a humbling concept that they experience on a daily basis in our wilderness areas. Be it a towering elephant crossing one’s path or a torrential downpour that floods our camp nestled on the river banks.


From cattle herder to EcoTraining instructor – Norman Chauke

One of the things I love about EcoTraining is the people that work for the company. They have one common goal …


When a Gecko lays eggs in your bed

The bush can leave you all sorts of surprises around every corner. Cara had some first hand experience with plenty of unexpected surprises and this one most definitely topped them all.


The curse of the ‘were-buff’

Upon arriving back at Karongwe on New Year’s Day, there were some very fresh buffalo tracks around our tent. We figured perhaps our friendly neighbourhood buffalo had come to check where we had gone while we were visiting the Selati camp. What a nice chap!


Caught between a lion and an elephant bull in musth

We turn a corner to hear an impala urgently alarm calling and what do you know… a big male lion lying right in the open! At the same time I spot elephants on the opposite side of the road and out comes a big bull elephant very clearly in musth…


Life at Karongwe camp

It has been a few weeks since Cara and Van first arrived at camp. They have been introduced to the daily running of camp, regular visits from resident animals in and around Karongwe and joined on some exciting course activities. It has been an unforgettable first week and Cara shares her experience.