Guiding Dreams

“I had a dream, then I woke up and lived it.” The journey of Daniel Welmers’ first steps of becoming a Safari Field Guide.

The Masai Mara EcoQuest Course in Kenya

An interview with EcoTraining instructor Andreas Fox

A tree gave me a reality check

“For a tree that doesn’t speak, it gave me a lot to think about. This sounds very deep, but then again, roots are.” – Natashia Brittion

You are never too old to live life to the fullest!

Inspiring testimonials for those who fear that age hinders their decision to enrol for a FGASA Field Guide Level 1 / NQF 2 Course.

Respecting nature is not enough, we need to love it! This is why I want to become a Field Guide: Anika Green

Opportunities can be found in the strangest places, Anika found hers in between the pages of a research paper which was EcoTraining. She fell in love with the idea of becoming a field guide and imparting knowledge about the plight of animals and nature around the world.

My Gap year that set my soul on fire: Laura Gutknecht’s pursuit of becoming a Field Guide.

Since Laura was a little girl she dreamt of becoming a Field Guide. This is exactly what she decided to do as part of her Gap Year experience after graduating from High School in Switzerland.

The Verreaux Eagles defend their turf

The last Advanced Birding course was filled with exciting wildlife encounters and learning opportunities on the beautiful Mashatu Game Reserve. See what the students experienced in this photo blog.

Jeffrey as back-up Trails Guide at Makuleke

A British Naturalist in the African Bush serving as a volunteer EcoTraining Back-up

“The reality is that these instinctive influences would have been a part of daily, world-wide, human survival in pre-historic times and in fact remain vital to some indigenous populations today.”

Rhode's Baobab

The many fascinating secrets of a baobab

The Baobab tree is more than what meets the eye. It holds fascinating secrets very little people know of. Read more to discover the many interesting facts about a Baobab tree.


The Unlikely Birdman

Samuel Japane, former student of EcoTraining was too determined to be defeated by life’s obstacles and today is the well-known bird man of the Outpost Centre. We interviewed Samuel on his new book ‘The Unlikely Birdman’ and this is what he has to say.

Mashatu_Jan-2016_Jan-Hendrik-55_cropped (1)

Gap Year or a Sabbatical? That is the question

There are so many different reasons for people to take a year off. Some people might have just finished high school, others have come to a crossroad in their career paths or perhaps want to learn something new. With unlimited options to choose from – the choice is yours.


What to expect on Field Observation Day

As the end of the first month of the 55-day Field Guide Course (NQF2) draws nearer, the anxiousness and excitement grows for our field guide students as they prepare for their assessment on their competence and knowledge of the various aspects and fauna and flora.


Professional Field Guide: Student Lodge Placement Programme

EcoTraining students receive the best credible work experience at reputable lodges across southern Africa.

The Wildlife Defenders: A project dedicated to the unsung heroes of wildlife protection and conservation

A father and son team working together to celebrate the ordinary people doing an extraordinary job to protect our rhino’s – they refer to these people as The Wildlife Defenders


The road to discovering a life purpose

“You can´t start the next chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last one.” The journey of Anna Katharina Raaben realising her dream of becoming a Professional Field Guide.