A day filled with wildlife encounters

Mashatu is one of those special wilderness places that never disappoints. Today has been an eventful day at Mashatu with countless, exciting game encounters. We can't wait to see what the rest of the week will hold for our students. Henry tells us all about the events of the day...

We woke up early this morning (04:00 to be exact) and set off towards the central part of Mashatu in the hope of catching the millions of Red-billed queleas leaving their roost at sunrise. We unfortunately just missed it, which means we have to plan for an even earlier start in a few days time.


To say our day was fantastically successful is a huge understatement. We had hardly finished watching the last few stragglers (quelea) departing when Francé, our trails guide back-up, spotted a lioness. This turned out to be two females and their six cubs. Leaving this sighting we heard that the pride male wasn’t too far off and headed that way.


Day complete… or so we thought! As we headed towards ‘Disappointment kopje’ for coffee, we spotted three male cheetah lying underneath a Shepherds tree. Finally, with coffee and some rusks for nourishment in our bellies we headed to camp only to stumble across a stunning young female leopard in a Mashatu tree.


En route we found some giants resting in the shade of a tree.


Mashatu we are humbled once again, thank you!