A dream realisation in progress – Louise Monsey

“Your dreams are your life’s purposes, so don’t give up” –Anonymous. Louise Monsey, a recent EcoTraining graduate, is a shining example of a determined person who did not let anyone discourage her and now she is living her dream.


Everyone has something that they have a burning desire for. People often get discouraged and give up when they can’t realise their dreams immediately. It took Louise 16 years to take that big step and book her first course with EcoTraining. She travelled all the way from Norfolk, England to the African bush to see if this was the career she was longing for all along. After completing her FGASA Level 1 course there was no looking back. She immediately booked her spot on a Trails Guide course and now she is on her way to one of our camps to work as a back-up trails guide.

In this video Louise tells us all her inspiring story about her journey leading up to her decision of becoming a guide in Africa

Once you have your foot in the door, the possibilities are endless. Never give up and one day you will also be able to tell the world that your dream is in progress!