EcoTraining in the media

EcoTraining enjoys varied and very positive media coverage about the work that it does. Here are several examples.

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EcoTraining in the jewel of Kruger Park (Makuleke)

EcoTraining’s Kruger National Park camp is situated in the Makuleke concession. This is a true wilderness area, steeped in history and situated in the remotest part of Kruger, in one of the most biologically diverse areas.

On your desktop: wild Mashatu in Botswana

Mashatu camp in Botswana is a spiritual place.

An extremely bio-diverse reserve, Mashatu offers incredible interactions and sightings of elephant. Home to the nyala berry tree (mashatu tree) and many others, it offers a remarkable base from which to learn about wildlife on an EcoTraining course.

We heart the bush – what students say about their EcoTraining experience

Students of the EcoTraining Professional Field Guide course tell you what life in the bush is all about – and why they love being out here in the wild.

A life for the bush – interview with our Mashatu instructor, Okwa Sarefo

“You can be offered a job with a high-paying salary, but you still stick to this one because you love it.”
Okwa Sarefo was born in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, and has been a field guide throughout the whole of his adult life. He is working as a freelance instructor for EcoTraining, teaching people from all over the world the importance of conserving African wildlife.

Explore your passion – interview with EcoTraining instructor Andreas Fox

“I was born in Africa and it wasn’t until I left that I really realised how great it was.”

After three years of studying law in the UK, Andreas Fox returned to Africa, where he was born, to explore his love for the African bush – and turned it into a career. He is now working as a freelance instructor for EcoTraining in South Africa, as well as a guide in his home country, Kenya.

SÜDAFRIKA – #JAWORSKYJ AROUND THE WORLD – A German photo-journalist blogger captures EcoTraining at Makuleke