Video Testimonials

An African Dream | Interview with Tere Abumohor after completing her 55-day Field Guide course

We met up with Tere Abumohor after she completed her EcoTraining 55-day Field Guide course. Adventurous, vibrant with a zest for life! Having a dream of coming to Africa, she joined EcoTraining’s 55-day Field Guide course and today she is very proud of being able to Guide in Africa.

Connected to the African Bush | Interview with Anges van der Heijde

We meet EcoTraining Professional Field Guide student Anges van der Heijde, all the way from the Netherlands. Our paths first crossed with Agnes in 2012 when she joined EcoTraining’s 55-day Field Guide course in Selati and Mashatu. Mashatu blew her mind and she soon returned to Africa for more adventures in the bush.

Life in the African Bush | Interview with Sam Bredl

Curious, Interested, and filled with a thirst for all things nature! We meet EcoTraining’s Professional Field Guide student Sam Bredl, all the way from Austria. Recently started his Field Guiding studies and has already experienced an amazing sighting after tracking lion tracks… Sam describes their finding as a ‘National Geographic moment’ in real life.

Simply Incredible | Interview with Jared and Nicola

Joyful, Interested, and filled with enthusiasm! Meet Jared and Nicola, they come from very different countries and became friends while on course with EcoTraining. Both started out doing our online courses and decided to further their thirst for knowledge and wanted to gain first-hand experience out in the bush as well.

Written Testimonials

“I thoroughly enjoyed each and every minute of EcoQuest!  The camp, the food, the game drives, the lectures, the walks – all surpassed my wildest expectations.  I’m still star-struck from the entire jam-packed experience.  It felt as though there were not enough hours in the day.  The sounds, the smells, and even the heat in the Makuleke Concession – all contributed to possibly one of the best African adventures I’ve ever had.

I have and will become very vocal that I am of the opinion that it is the only logical solution for anyone wanting to have a true safari experience.  It certainly makes financial sense for overseas visitors to rather do an EcoQuest course than to book into a venue or do a self-drive tour in a game reserve.  Most of all it encompasses the perfect package which would fulfill that dream bucket list safari.

And of course, it remains very evident that EcoTraining is the leader in field guide training.  I no longer have reservations that I’m perhaps too old to do one or more of your courses.  It is without a doubt that whoever has the privilege to attend any EcoTraining course will have the best possible 5 Star training available.

Part of my very being simply stayed right there in that bush.  It feels as though I’ll never quite rest or be whole again until I return.  And return I will.  One day. I remain so very grateful!  Thank you!”

Meggan Schaeffer (7-Day EcoQuest, Makuleke 2021)

“I really enjoyed the Online Birding Enthusiast Course… Many very knowledgeable individuals on the course… Inspiring”!

Meghan Keogh (Online Birding Enthusiast Course, 2021)

“I fully enjoyed the course and can only recommend it to anybody wanting to prepare themselves for the trails guide course. It was a good revision for me and I hope to be able to attend a trails course at one of your BUSH CAMPS in the not too distant future”

Frank Weitzer (Online Trails Guide Course, 2021)

“The Trails Guide course has been on my Bucket List for years. However, during COVID-19 times I do not even have the possibility to travel to South Africa. This online course gave me the opportunity to be virtually in the bush every Tuesday & Thursday. All the lectures were awesome and very interesting. Different instructors for different topics explained various aspects of being a Trails Guide. Videos made me feel like being in the middle of the bush! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and I’m sure – I’ll be back for the practical as soon as possible! Thanks so much to everyone!”

Karin Kuschel (Online Trails Guide Course 2021)

“The knowledge from the instructors is second to none. I have never met individuals with such a passion for the African bush and the amount of knowledge they carry with them was impressive to see, to say the least. Their enthusiasm and desire to share their knowledge and passions made learning from them a breeze and the amount of knowledge we gained in such a short period of time was incredible”

Daryl Rowe (FGASA Field Guide course, 2021)

“I can’t find the words to explain my happiness, first of all, I have to congratulate you, EcoTraining is really the best in the world! It was the best 28 days of my life, you gave me excellent preparation, your staff is excellent, and your organization is the best I have ever seen.”

Elisa Betonni (Kenya Safari Guide Course, 2020)

Great way to experience life in the bush. Did a 7-day EcoQuest course in Mashatu. Had such a blast learning from our instructors (Tayla & Paul), great sense of humor, and made learning easy and fun. Left with a head full of new knowledge and a heart that’s very full!”

Daphny Ong, (7-day EcoQuest, 2019)

“Thank you so much!  I loved each and every single moment.  I will treasure the memories, and photos, forever!  I cannot wait to be able to do more courses with EcoTraining.  I will certainly continue recommending you”.

Meggan Schaefer (7-day EcoQuest Course, 2021)

“My ratings are not exaggerated, the team at Selati camp need to be commended for their efforts and hard work. Emma, TK, Witness and Mavis are an asset to EcoTraining and deserve to be recognised for their work. The hospitality, food, cleaning, friendliness and organisation was outstanding throughout the duration of the course, thank you ladies! Secondly, the instructors were incredible, each in their own right. Professional, enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated are words that spring to mind. Ian and Steve in particular need to be commended, these gents are passionate and truly love what they do! Their work did not go unnoticed and many had high praises for both individuals. The camp is well maintained and situated in a lovely area. The facilities such as the lecture hall and gym were useful for study purposes and off time. Thank you to all involved, both on the ground and behind the scenes. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed, thank you”.

-Anonymous (Trails Guide, 2022)