“I completed the FGASA Level 1 course at Nakavango camp last week. Had a fantastic time and learned a great deal. Mark Gunn is an absolutely fantastic teacher. Incredible knowledge and very fluent way of teaching. Couldn’t have had a better person there for us. This course has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and knowledge to continue exploring.”

– Daan, Field Guide FGASA Level 1, Victoria Falls, February 2015

“I didn’t think within a year of training I would have so many qualifications. Thank you to all the staff involved in creating and supporting us during this learning experience of a lifetime.”

– Ollie Ballarano, PFG 8E, 2014/2015

“I can only confirm that the care of ECO is very professional and the organisation was perfect. As a mother, I am grateful for the time my son was able to spend there. These beautiful and extraordinary experiences will accompany [him] his whole life. I thank you all and wish you continued success and a lot of nice upcoming customers.”

– Deike von Koss, parent of PFG student, 2014/2015

“Now I understand that when people say that EcoTraining is the best out there.”

– Adi Prnjavorac, FGASA Level 1, 55 days, April 2014

“I was so impressed by professional and knowledgeable instructors; they are so patient and well instructed us as well as share their experiences and knowledge with us. I had a wonderful experience.”

– Karen Lu, Chinese EcoQuest, 9-15 June 2015

“FGASA was a life-changing experience for me, learning about the bush in the best way possible with the best person possible, bonding with your group and by the end of the course almost being like siblings. Some of the best memories I will never forget – laughs, tears, sunsets, dung wars and many many more.”

– Kerri du Preez, Field Guide FGASA Level 1, Victoria Falls, February 2015

“Really enjoyed those days we stayed at Karongwe Camp, with EcoTraining and with our guide Ben who helped us and took care of us in every way he could. What I’ve experienced and what I’ve learned there in those seven days are certainly priceless and inspiring, especially the way how people there care about the nature and every single life in the nature really touched me. Wish more and more ordinary people in every corner of the world will know EcoTraining, and the concepts and beliefs it holds.”

– Mirar Jan, Chinese EcoQuest, February 2015

“Hi there. A HUGE thank-you for having Justin on your FGASA 1 course, he loved every minute and has come back a different person to the child we sent you. The guides were excellent, the food fantastic etc … thanks, thanks, thanks … we are so proud of him.”

– Ryder Rollinson, Justin Tobias’s father, Safari Guide course, Makuleke, May 2015

“I cannot thank you and ALL enough … for the amazing Safari Guide course that Justin, my son, attended and for all the input you have each invested into his life. He now refers to himself on social media as “NatureBoy”. This is my beloved son, who USED to wake at about midday, was a city slicker, could not survive without a cellphone in his palm and a MacBook at his fingertips! I think that his whole LIFE has changed for the better … thanks to ALL of you!”

– Justin Tobias’s mother, Safari Guide course, Makuleke, May 2015

“Staff/back-ups excellent, but instructor Norman was superlative, friendly, attentive and informative. I can’t imagine a better instructor. Would come again or attend another course he leads. It is difficult to fully express not only how much I learned with Norman and Alan, but how much fun I have had doing so. Can’t rate highly enough. Superb.”

– Terry Black, 14-day Tracking course, 10-23 June 2015

“Gerhard as an instructor/guide was very good at involving everyone. As a hopefully future guide I found the experience extremely helpful.”

– Andrew Jonathan Hemming, EcoQuest, 2015

“Jumping into the real nature? Many people talk about it rather than do it. But when I came to EcoTraining Camp, I could feel the nature from the beginning. It reminds me an old Chinese saying: Man is an integral part of nature. Hope more people (no too many) come here to learn about the wildlife and how to respect, protect the real nature.”

– Cookie, Chinese EcoQuest, 2015

“The course was fantastic! The knowledge and experience we gained from the training and instructors themselves made it an unforgettable experience as well as a stepping stone into the industry.”

– Tanith Meyer, PFG 8E, 2014/2015

“The experience and knowledge gained and tutorage has led to a lifetime of memories and personal growth.”

– Amelia Sprong, PFG 8E, 2014/2015

“I wanted to learn, understand, live and feel the wilderness (nature that is untouched by man) and with great instructors and camps situated in the nature reserves, I got to experience that.”

– Kirsten Stapel, PFG 8E, 2014/2015

“It was a great all-round course in which I have learnt a lot and has definitely given me a boost in starting the industry.”

– Alasdair Armstrong PFG 8E, 2014/2015

“I did your birding in the bush course, this month at Makuleke. It exceeded all my expectations. The food the two ladies cooked was superb, there was never a mediocre meal over seven days. The camp itself was of a high standard, with a surprising amount of amenities. I loved the course, very professional and never a dull moment. Special thanks to Duncan for sharing his expert knowledge with us. I have already recommended you to others, and would definitely do it again.”

– Larry Wigoder, Birding in the Bush, October 2014

“For us being over 70 years old it was a incredible experience and we see tracks now with different eyes. You can’t walk any longer as we did in the past. Thank you again. Hope to see you again.”

– Monika and Klaus, Animal Tracks & Tracking, July 2014

“The instructors were excellent! Never had better teachers who are genuinely passionate about what they are teaching. We always received good feedback and suggestions and endless patience. The variety was perfect. I wish the course was longer. I never want to leave! The course was amazing and honestly changed my life (thanks to the instructors). I’ll be back”.

– Sarah Milligan, FGASA Level 1 55 days, June 2014

“The quality of our instructors was phenomenal. His knowledge and passion for the bush is impossible to ignore. But this course was wonderful – I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you for this wonderful experience.”

– Nancey Lackey, 28-day Safari Guide course, 2015

“The beauty of EcoTraining’s year course is the extended time one spends out there, nothing is rushed and every day one learns something new, building a quite awesome knowledge base. Each and every instructor is a well of knowledge and fascinating personality. I want to say thank you to all those instructors who spent time with us, showed patience, interest, and passion.”

– Nick Baker, Professional Field Guide, May 2013

“The instructors are wonderful in their field. The amount learnt was mind-blowing and amazing to see. Not only did they teach us well, but gave us inspiration to be great guides and trackers. Thank you for a stunning course.”

– Kaylee Siddel, Tracking, April 2014

“It was really nice having instructors that are so enthusiastic and passionate and know so much about their field.”

– Marc Grove, Tracking, April 2014

“I really enjoyed my stay here, it was a fantastic experience, we had amazing instructors that were really helpful and gave us a brilliant opportunity to see amazing animals.”

– Katy Perry, University of South Wales, EcoQuest, April 2014

“All in all this has been an amazing adventure and I had the time of my life! The dedication and knowledge of these highly experienced instructors in promoting conservation and helping to educate others on why our environment and everything in it is so important, has made a big impression.”

– Nadia Alalul, Professional Field Guide , March 2013

“It has been an amazing year spent with great people with an absolute love and passion for nature and all that happens out in the wild. I can honestly say that I never could have imagined an experience like this.”

– Abdullah Abu’Ramman, Professional Field Guide, March 2013

“I enjoyed every second of it. The best decision I made so far in my life. It has changed pretty much everything; my perspective on life, my dreams, my future plans.”

– Kimberley Eyo, PFG student, 2011

“I got more out of this course than I would have expected and it changed me and my life in a very positive way. Being with the best group ever in an absolute stunning environment and learning a lot about animals and wildlife was a great enjoyment.”

– Daniela Mates, PFG student, 2011