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group of students on a birding course

Popular Birding Book Takes Flight

The newly revised Second Edition of Robert’s Birds of Greater Kruger book was released! It is a fresh and new edition, from the introduction to new chapters, habitat descriptions, checklists, distribution maps, illustrations, and photographs—and it only took three hard years to revise.

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cheetah on the rock

Extraordinary Adventures from Karongwe

Do you want to experience incredible wildlife encounters in the African bush? Embark on a visit to Karongwe and learn about what gives this camp its charm. From the graceful resident nyalas, to the vibrant camp dinners under a magnificent Jackalberry tree, to game drives and on-foot cheetah sightings.

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African wild dogs

EcoTraining Quiz: Endangered Species

Take our EcoTraining Quiz this week and test your knowledge of endangered species.
Southern Africa is home to a remarkable array of unique wildlife, but many of these species are now endangered due to habitat loss and poaching. Conservation efforts are focused on protecting these endangered species, to ensure a future where these remarkable creatures can thrive in their natural habitats.

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EcoTraining Quiz: Arthropods

Take our EcoTraining Quiz this week and test your knowledge of arthropods.
Arthropods comprise of over 80% of all known living species, and represent the largest phylum in the animal kingdom. They have a significant impact on ecosystem stability and health.

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Mara Training Centre

Located on the banks of the Mara river,
the camp is nestled between communities
and wildlife conservancies.

Makuleke Concession

Explore the untamed wilderness of Kruger
National Park’s Makuleke Concession
with EcoTraining.

Mashatu Game Reserve

Located at the confluence of the Limpopo
and Shashe Rivers, in the eastern
corner of Botswana.

Pridelands Conservancy

A natural wonderland with free-roaming
elephants located in the Limpopo
Province of South Africa.

Selati Game Reserve

A sanctuary for wildlife, providing visitors
an opportunity to witness Africa’s
animals in their natural habitat.

Karongwe Reserve

A unique safari destination that offers
visitors an immersive and unforgettable

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