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Thoughts from the African wilderness

Have you ever had the sheer pleasure of just lying down under a big, old, shady tree with some grass as your mattress and your trails backpack as your pillow, closing your eyes and dozing off to the sounds of the African bush?


EcoTraining is about the small things; we all know this, and we truly believe it. The mechanisms evolved over millennia by the coexistence of organisms know no bounds: the relationship between figs and their wasp pollinators, the unique adaptations of an antlion larva to locate its prey and the fascinating behaviour exhibited by the polyandrous African jacana, are just some of the majesties awaiting a student on one of our courses.

The day of the jackal

We at EcoTraining spend countless hours poring over books written by a variety of experts, to try and explain animal behaviour to prospective field guides. We have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips on some of the most iconic animals in the world.

False sense of security

Elephants have long since been my favourite animal to view in the bush, but the past three months have been a great test of my admiration for them. Living in the bush is an honour but wherever people and animals coexist, there will always be conflict.

Wilderness Trail Skills course – Makuleke Concession

The group arrived at camp with loads of kit and after a brief on the trail ahead, loads of kit were left behind. Packing, unpacking and sorting commenced before we were ready to head off on the start of the trail. After the obligatory “before” photos, we headed south-east towards Lala Palm Windmill and the fever tree forest beyond. It was humid going, but fantastic being in the forest.

Fascinating facts and beliefs about the devil’s thorn

The devil’s thorn is a common, ground creeping plant with purple trumpet-shaped flowers that is often found in the Lowveld, in disturbed areas and on roadsides. For a guide, this pretty little plants offers a great opportunity to get your guests involved first-hand in some of the more surprising and useful aspects of the African Bush.