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Human Rights Day 2020

Today, on Human Rights Day, let’s stand together and embrace EcoTraining’s vision of reconnecting people to nature and creating custodians of the wild. Let’s band together and see this as a beautiful opportunity. What responsibility are YOU willing to take?

EcoTraining Crossword: Fun Facts

Is Coronavirus getting you down? Do you need to pass the time during your self-isolation? Don’t fear, EcoTraining is here and we have loads of fun interactive quizzes, word searches and crosswords to keep you busy. Why not start with this EcoTraining Crossword and test your knowledge

A letter from the MD & Coronavirus | COVID-19 Survey

“Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. We as humans are part of a naturally resilient world. Micro and macro organisms in nature have countless interrelationships that keep our natural world healthy and our modern world functional. Through our eyes, we only see the macro-organisms around us but there is so much more going on that actually sustains us beyond our modern perceptions.”

Life Lessons | In the African Bush

Life lessons from leaving my comfort zone and jumping into the bush  By Julia Korn “I could do this for a year,” I told my parents when they took me on safari in 2017. The next thing I knew, our guide was telling us about the course he had done to get his FGASA qualification with […]

Kenya in February

The adventures in Kenya are endless, you could be ticking some amazing birds off your life list, relaxing on the beach or have some mind-blowing sightings in the Masai Mara – what are you waiting for?