Back where I began – Jomi Krobb

We are humbled to meet up with our past students, especially when they are back with EcoTraining to take their qualifications to the next level.


Jomi Krobb is one of our past students who could become a success story in the guide training industry. He came all the way from Ireland to pursue his dreams. He persisted and conquered and is off to Zambia soon to do great things.

After spending a year with EcoTraining he remembers the one moment that really stood out during his Trails Guide module of the Professional Field Guide course:

“We walked to at a place called Second Spring, in the Secret Valley one late afternoon.The group size on course was quite small, which was good for the walking. As we were sitting at the spring we heard dassies alarm-calling. The reason for their alarm was a leopard roaming in the area. Because of the wind and our point of elevation, the leopard did not see us. We were able to observe this leopard coming down within 20m from us – and that while we were on foot! He drank, vocalised, scratched his claws on the tree and then moved on just before it got dark. It was absolutely amazing!”

This is only one of many encounters that are sketched into his memory forever.

While attempting his Trails Guide Level 2 qualification in Mashatu, we had the opportunity to sit down with Jomi for a short interview. In this video, Jomi takes us down his memory lane of his time at EcoTraining.

We wish Jomi the best of luck for his future as a safari guide. Jomi is only one of many guides in this industry who will make a difference in the natural world.