The Knyphausen Foundation and EcoTraining Train the Trainer Programme in Botswana

An initiative aimed at educators from rural communities who become trainers; integrating environmental education as part of their syllabus offered to local community primary schools.

Lose or learn, life takes you on a new path

Sometimes, the hard moments in life forces you to rise above all odds and make the best of your situation. This is exactly what Jerry Sibiya did when circumstances left him homeless for a night.


From cattle herder to EcoTraining instructor – Norman Chauke

One of the things I love about EcoTraining is the people that work for the company. They have one common goal …


Raymond Khoza: an inspirational story about passion for a guiding career

If you ever were to meet a person oozing with a love for life, an engaging manner and an ease with meeting people, it would be Raymond Khosa, seasoned field and trails guide in the Kruger Park. In the few minutes of talking to him, you will realise his razor sharp memory for facts, people’s journeys and his career that started with an EcoTraining course 14 years ago.


Making a difference all the way from the USA

Moondance Adventures opened their hearts to the people of the Makuleke community. By spending some time in the community, they made an unforgettable impact on everyone involved.


Making a difference

Tourists spend millions of rand every year to come and visit South Africa, with a visit to the bush or a safari usually being high on their list.