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Life Lessons Learnt in 2020

EcoTraining Camp Manager, Emma Summers reflects on the year that has passed and shares her positive view on the lessons learnt throughout the year.

Live Webinar - Humanity’s Greatest Ever Challenge

Live Webinar: Humanity’s Greatest Ever Challenge

Alex van den Heever in discussion with Ian Michler, brought to you by EcoTraining

Eco-Isolation with EcoTraining

Eco-Isolation with EcoTraining

Jennifer Palmer is an impassioned wildlife biologist, a global educator, public speaker, and an intrepid lover of nature. She is one of the founders of Women for Wildlife, and through her work, she has become a trusted advisor to nonprofits, governments, foundations, film producers and business leaders around the world. We were very happy to host her at one of our EcoTraining Camps during the lock-down and help her ‘eco-isolate’ in a safe place that brought her so much joy.

EcoTraining Lock down

Lock-down got you down?

We know that as you self-isolate during this lock-down period of 21-days it will be hard, especially as most of you love the outdoors and the idea of adventures in the African Bush, we are on your page.

For those of you who are at home, we feel you and want to assure you that for the next coming weeks we are going to try keep you as entertained and immersed in a ‘bush experience’ as possible, just because you will be at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the magic of the wilderness!

We will continue with our weekly trivia questions, our quizzes and add some word search and crossword fun in there for you to keep your mind’s busy and the brain sharp.

In the meantime, for the sake of your sanity, we have come up with a list of things that will entertain you and your family while you wait out the lock-down:

Something for the nature enthusiasts:

and to keep you entertained…

  • You can never go wrong with Sir. David Attenborough. When you can’t get into the bush, he brings the bush to you, learn, be moved and feel a part of an incredible journey. Watch the Planet Earth Series.
  • We have a new series coming your way: Tarry & Tayla Birding 101 or as we are calling it Bird.I.Y. Keep your eyes peeled on the EcoTraining YouTube Channel: this series will keep you entertained and even make you pee a little bit with all the laughter. Starting on the 6th of April @ 16h00 (GMT).

Reading and brushing up on your nature skills:

Something for the kids:

  • Reading: Here are a few of our top picks for kids who love animals and wildlife.
EcoTraining Children's Book Recommendations

Exciting Books for Kids during the lock-down

Where you could find these books: Exclusive Books or

  • Audio: Here are our top audio/audiobook picks for kids who are adventurous and love the outdoors.
EcoTraining Children's AudioBook Recommendations

Exciting Audiobooks for Kids during the lock-down

Where you could find these audiobooks: Audiobooks or Audible

Should we add an Ugly Five Quiz? It could be quite funny – here is a test in the meantime (for you or the kids).

Can you name the ugly five

Can you name the ugly five (c) The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

We know you would all rather be in the bush and outdoors but in the meantime, we hope we play a little part in lightening up your day and who knows you might be smelling the fresh smells of acacia trees and hearing a hippo grunt before you know it.


Rhino on Safari - EcoTraining

Human Rights Day 2020

On 21 March 1960, a peaceful crowd of South African citizens were subject to open fire from the police. They were protesting in solidarity against Apartheid’s discriminatory Pass Laws. Every year on the 21st of March, we commemorate the ordinary people that fought for the recognition of our basic rights as human beings. As a nation, this day gives us the opportunity to reflect on the progress made in the promotion and protection of our human rights. Every single person regardless of age, race, gender or creed is entitled to these rights and they are ours by the simple virtue of being human.

All around the world, we as human beings distinguish each other’s worth on the basis of our differences. Mother Nature does not – in her eyes, we are all the same and are all worth the same. Being in nature alongside other human beings very quickly strips us of our separateness and powerfully unites us on the basis of humanity, freedom, justice, and peace. We very quickly become equals in the wilderness experience.

“The most powerful part of taking a game drive with guests is that it is the ultimate leveller. In the presence of an elephant, our individual wealth doesn’t matter; our separate nationalities don’t exist; our varying belief systems fade. In that moment, we are all purely human. Together.” Past EcoTraining Student

Mother Nature does not discriminate and this is more evident than ever in the COVID-19 pandemic that we are all currently experiencing. The virus is affecting everyone, regardless of where we come from, who we are or what we believe in. Now more than ever we need to stand united as a human race in facing the challenges that this pandemic has thrown at us. We need to act in service of the greater whole and more importantly, we need to recognise the message that Mother Nature is sending us. A huge change is in order. We need to forget about the divisions we have created between ourselves and work together in protecting our planet, our home. We need to stop sabotaging nature’s natural resources in the pursuit of self-gain and need to begin sharing what we still have.

We are all hyper-aware that certain of our human rights are being threatened amidst the chaos of COVID-19. Freedom of movement has become restricted, our right to life is insecure, freedom of trade becomes almost impossible for certain businesses, access to health care is under huge pressure and with most schools closed, access to education is temporarily interrupted.
Our only choice is to dissolve the barriers we have built and to change the way we do things – as one united human spirit. We need to drastically reduce the pressure we are putting on Mother Nature. We need to care for her and each other deeply. We are her guardians now more than ever and it is our responsibility to act now.

Today, on Human Rights Day, let’s stand together and embrace EcoTraining’s vision of reconnecting people to nature and creating custodians of the wild. Let’s band together and see this as a beautiful opportunity. What responsibility are YOU willing to take?

EcoTraining Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Survey

A letter from the MD & Coronavirus | COVID-19 Survey

A letter from our Managing Director, Anton Lategan

“Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. We as humans are part of a naturally resilient world. Micro and macro organisms in nature have countless interrelationships that keep our natural world healthy and our modern world functional. Through our eyes, we only see the macro-organisms around us but there is so much more going on that actually sustains us beyond our modern perceptions.

We are not voyeurs of nature, we are citizens of the natural world!

Our own bodies rely on and are made up of many microorganisms as part of a healthy system. Humanity is being reminded now more than ever that we are not the owners of this planet. We have the choice to live as respectful inhabitants and behave as responsible guardians of the natural world.

The lessons and solutions rest in nature, our scientific community is valuable but ultimately it is the understanding of our natural world that offers us the solutions we seek. As we seek solutions from nature in times of crisis, let us hope that we remember to protect nature when we continually place nature in crisis.

It is profound to witness humanity acting collectively against a common threat, perhaps for the first time in history at this scale? It is natural because we feel threatened but it gives me hope that we humans are potentially a caring being. I am hopeful that we can extend this care to the natural world as it has cared for us since the beginning of our existence.

EcoTraining is committed to teaching people how resilient nature is and in turn how resilient we are as people”.

With the world in crisis mode and humankind battening down the hatches

COVID-19 Survey

We have all been caught off guard by this current crisis. Certain drastic measures were put in place to keep the Coronavirus (COVID19) from spreading. These measures do have a major effect on everyone globally. Please take a few minutes to answer this 10 question survey about the Coronavirus and the effect it has on YOU personally and your travel plans.


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Makuleke Zeabra

Remember to appreciate the beauty that is around us during this time. (c) Etienne Ooshuizen