Look who visited us in camp!

Since we are celebrating World Elephant day today, we want to share our fondest and most intimate memories of elephants visiting our camps.

American students fund a dehorning project

A group of students recently experienced the raw reality of a rhino dehorning process. It was a sad, yet humbling experience to be remembered for years to come.

How to tell the difference: white rhino and black rhino tracks

Animal track identification can become difficult if you do not know the basic distinguishing features of tracks. In this blog Norman explains the difference between white rhino and black rhino tracks.

Making a difference all the way from the USA

Moondance Adventures opened their hearts to the people of the Makuleke community. By spending some time in the community, they made an unforgettable impact on everyone involved.

How to identify animal tracks

Animal track identification is not as easy as one would think. There are a few aspects to take into consideration before making a final conclusion.

EcoTraining’s AGM: learning business lessons from lions

In May, the entire EcoTraining team gathered at our Karongwe camp for our Annual General Meeting. It was to be a radically different and inspirational event with guest motivational speaker Ian Thomas transforming the team into a powerful lion pride.

Charley Boorman’s sidekick and manager, Billy Ward, joins EcoTraining’s Field Guide course

We partnered with Charley Boorman to send his friend and business partner, Billy Ward, on our Field Guide course to become a professional Safari Guide. We followed Billy's training throughout his 55-days on course and have been amazed by the competency of him and his group of fellow students.

EcoTraining’s future even brighter and stronger with two new directors

EcoTraining, Africa’s leading provider of field guide and nature training courses, is getting bigger and bolder with the addition of two new directors.

Walking in the bush: Anything can happen!

Knowledge is key, but situational awareness during a walk in a big game area is even more important. During this walk, the group had three amazing encounters but without the necessary skills the game walk could have gone horribly wrong...

Course spotlight – Wilderness Trails Skills

We had the privilege to host Bev Tucker, a journalist from Lowveld Living on a Wilderness Trails Skills course and it made an unforgettable impact on her life.

Witnessing a kill – and then a robbery

It's not every day that one gets to witness a lion kill – but seeing what happened next was something truly special.

Thoughts from the African wilderness

Have you ever had the sheer pleasure of just lying down under a big, old, shady tree with some grass as your mattress and your trails backpack as your pillow, closing your eyes and dozing off to the sounds of the African bush?

‘Tree’mendous fun facts: Earth Day 2016 – the importance of trees

The entire theme of Earth Day 2016 revolves around the importance of trees. Most of the time we take trees for granted, and never quite realise the importance of trees in our lives.

Wildlife photography: some of EcoTraining’s best pictures

EcoTraining students and staff get the opportunity to capture the wildlife photographs that most people only dream of.

EcoTraining in Kenya: recent photos

EcoTraining offers courses in Kenya. See some of our recent photos from here.