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Celebrating the Limpopo River | World River Day 2020

According to the World Rivers Day Association this day “is a celebration of the world’s waterways. It highlights the many values of our rivers, strives to increase public awareness, and encourages the improved stewardship of all rivers around the world. Rivers in virtually every country face an array of threats, and only through our active involvement can we ensure their health in the years ahead.’’
Giraffe carcassEcoTraining

Giraffe Carcass | The Bottom of the Food Chain

EcoTraining instructor Tayla McCurdy came across this giraffe carcass near to EcoTraining Pridelands Conservancy this past week, and she has put down in her words what this experience was like and all the other creatures that are reaping the benefits.
EcoTraining Makuleke Concession

Into the Wild | by Ntsakisi Matelakengisa

As a young girl, I would never have thought that I could ever have loved being out in the wild, seeing the beautiful animals and driving around the scenic nature routes as much as I did. But, luckily for me, I got to grow up with a family that enjoyed going to areas such as the Kruger National Park and this gave my love a chance to grow even more.
Local is LekkerEcoTraining

Remember, Local is Lekker

Why not spend your time in the wilds of Africa whilst enjoying twice-daily activities at one of EcoTraining unfenced camps within the Limpopo Province. Or have a look what the other 8 amazing provinces in South Africa could have in store for you. Because you know, 'Local is Lekker'
Guiding SkillsEcoTraining

The True Skill of Guiding as told by a Professional Safari Guide

These days, guiding and becoming a Professional Safari Guide no longer means, simply getting the tan, driving the big 4 x 4, and heading home during your two weeks off, to tell everyone that you are a “Game Ranger”.
Field Guide Devon Myers

Safari Guide or Game Ranger

Professional Trails Guide Devon Myers breaks down the differences between a Safari Guide and a Game Ranger.
White-crowned LapwingIan Thomas

Why do birds eggs have different colours or patterns?

EcoTraining Instructor Ross Hawkins spends most of his time instructing on Trails Guide or Wilderness Trails Courses, so being on foot most of his day he does tend to see things on the ground level a bit more than those who are in the game drive vehicle. Small things such as birds nests and eggs sometimes get lost do to their camouflage, and there is a reason behind that.
(c) Javi Lorbada

The Spotted Guard of Pridelands Camp

EcoTraining's media intern Christoff Els and one of the EcoTraining instructors managed to get a little insight into what some of the hyenas around Pridelands get up to when the rest of the camp are sound asleep.
Walking Safaris

The Trails Guide

For any Guides who are passionate about becoming a Trails Guide in the future. Professional Trails Guide Devon Myers speaks about some of the important duties and aspects of guiding on foot.
EcoTraining Elearning

EcoTraining Online Course | All you need to know

Online learning is seemingly the next step in our Safari journey. But how do you choose which route to go?
Devon MyersDevon Myers

A Reconnection with the Wilderness on Trail

"Moving around by day, looking, listening, smelling, touching and tasting. Reawakening your senses" - this is the essence of a Wilderness Trail
Devon Myers

Boots on the Ground with EcoTraining

Boots on the ground & the conservation benefit of Walking Safaris
Ground Pangolin

Real-life Sighting | a Pangolin in Makuleke

It's not every day that you are blessed with such an amazing sighting. Instructor Sean Matthewson and our EcoTraining students came across this beauty recently at our Makuleke Camp.
EcoTraining course

Why join an EcoTraining Wildlife Course?

Melanie Sovann is an animal lover and has a passion for sharing her love for wildlife and conservation. Here she puts down on her own words why you should join a Wildlife Course.
Pridelands CampWillie van Eeden

Becoming a Virtual Field Guide

Lee Bellware is currently on our first-ever EcoTraining Online Course where we have folks from all around the world, with a total of 15 different nationalities it couldn't be more diverse. Lee has put down in her own words her experience and journey so far.