Ian Thomson

FGASA Member Number One l Ian Thomson

FGASA Member #1.
Male lion killed a lioness at pridelands

The harsh reality of lions | Not for sensitive viewers

It's not every day that you witness something like this. The EcoTraining students at Pridelands Camp had a very rare sighting and something that will not easily be forgotten.
Black rhino and calfDavid Clode

World Rhino Day | 22 September 2019

With World Rhino Day coming up on Sunday, let's all do our part and sharing this message of rhino conservation far and wide.

What makes Kenya great again?

10 new things that everyone should know when Kenya forms part of their bucket list Safari
Women's Day

Women's Day 2019 | Today and everyday we celebrate you

August is Women’s Month and today being Women's Day, what a better way to celebrate all the women around us than to showcase the amazing work some of them are doing.
EcoTraining student and instructor

Mandela Day and a tribute to Johnny Clegg | EcoTraining Mashatu Camp

In 2009, the United Nations declared that July 18th, Mabida’s birthday would be celebrated internationally as Mandela Day. In tribute to the 67 years that he fought for equality and social justice, communities, businesses and individuals were tasked with ‘giving back’ for 67 minutes.
Kate Ochsman

To all you future female guides, you can do it!

America to Africa. Kate Ochsman a previous EcoTraining Student on the one-year Professional Guide Course tells us that the 'guiding' world is not a man's world after all.

Can you see yourself doing a bush walk?

The EcoQuest course is not all about dashing in a vehicle from one Big 5 sighting to the next. It is about becoming intimate with the ecosystems and the biodiversity of the area around the Karongwe camp.

A morning drive to awaken your senses

Waking up to the distant sound of a lion roaring, hearing the bird chorus come alive, the smell of the crisp morning. There are very few moments as exciting as waking up knowing you are off for morning game drive.

What to expect from EcoTraining Selati camp

Many of our potential students wonder what it will be like to spend a year in the bush and how they will manage this if they come from an urban background. Not all the EcoTraining courses run for a full year and there are shorter courses on offer at Selati.

Environmental Conservation Starts With You

Humans have long been the greatest threat to this planet’s biodiversity. That is why we are said to be living in the Anthropocene – the years wherein the Earth’s atmosphere, geology, biosphere, and ecosystems have been most greatly impacted by the presence of Homo sapiens.

Learn about Butterflies Day - Butterfly Flutterby

To celebrate ‘Learn about Butterflies Day’, EcoTraining Instructor, David Havemann shares his fondness towards certain butterflies in Southern Africa. These beautiful flying insects are more than just a pretty sight, they also have many fascinating features that most people do not even know about.