Camp news: Floods at Mashatu

At EcoTraining, our trainers and learners acknowledge and respect that Mother Nature is more powerful than man. It is a humbling concept that they experience on a daily basis in our wilderness areas. Be it a towering elephant crossing one's path or a torrential downpour that floods our camp nestled on the river banks.

EcoTraining’s camp is built on the banks of the Motloutse river in Botswana. With spectacular views of the usually dry riverbed, this camp promises an abundance of wildlife in the area. However, with the drought that hit southern Africa in the past year, heavy rains were to be expected.  As the rain relentlessly continued, our camp staff and students watched helplessly as the rapidly rising Motloutse river flooded the camp.

In this photo blog you will see damage to our tents, lecture area and instructors tent. Pipes were blocked and the camp was left without water for days. What was to ensue was a Survival 101 course for all those living there in the aftermath and we are proud to say the end results were remarkable!


It is these type of challenges that test the patience and perseverance of all persons there during and after the flood. Their desire to live in nature and be at one with it is never dampened by such natural events.
A heartfelt thank you to the dedicated hard work of all the instructors and staff on the ground as the camp has been restored to its former self and we have just welcomed our first group for the year into camp.