EcoTraining camps in South Africa

Do you want to experience the beauty of South Africa’s wildlife?

Rich in ecology and rich in wildlife, South Africa has abundant flora, fauna and wildlife, many of them endemic to the country.

297 species of mammals, 849 species of birds, and more than 20,000 species of vascular plants have all been identified in South Africa, a country renowned for its national parks and large wildlife.

Explore our four camps located in and around the Kruger National Park to study wilderness awareness and nature guide training.


South African camps

Courses in South Africa

Want to become a field or nature guide? Explore our immersive courses and training programmes in South Africa for professional safari guides and guardians of nature, taught and led by experts in the industry.

EcoTraining offers career and accredited courses, wildlife enthusiast courses, gap year programmes and customised group travel courses.

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