Change is as good as a holiday especially in the bush

"There are two aspects on a personal level when it comes to change. It is either embraced or it is the one thing many of us fears the most." Change really is as good as a holiday, but even more so when this 'holiday' is in the bush!

These are just a few descriptions the dictionary gives us to explain the word “change”.

“Make or become different”
“Arrive at a fresh phase, become new.”
“Take or use another instead of.”
“Give up or get rid of (something) & exchange for something else.”
“An act or process through which something becomes different.”

There are two aspects on a personal level when it comes to change. It is either embraced or it is the one thing many of us fear the most. Especially when you have already established something good, you are content about where you are in life or just simply; happy. Then change doesn’t come that easy at all.

Luckily change has got so many other meanings.

We can make a change for instance in other words making a difference which will at the end bring change.

Change is as good as a holiday - Ecotraining

Change is as good as a HolidayWIllie had the privilege to spend some time with James Copland, a 25-year-old guy from Durban in South-Africa, one of our PFG (Professional Field Guide) yearlong students while he was visiting EcoTraining’s Mashatu Camp in Botswana.

Change was something that did not come easy for James, change had knocked on his door quite a few times. But in this specific case, change was good.

After finishing school James went to study English & Advertising. After his studies, he started working for a big advertising company to then being employed as the Marketing Director for a boutique hotel in Cape Town. Then a ‘change’ came again and he started doing renovations & plumbing.

After that James moved back to Durban, his hometown & after a couple of months of dealing with some major changes in his life, started working as a project manager for a construction company. Until the final change to where he is now, having studied with EcoTraining, and becoming a Professional Field Guide. As you can see change made its appearance on numerous occasions.

But through all of this, he also realised this!

And that brings us to the theme of this blog; change:

You can bring or make change happen by doing or concentrating on all the smaller things that matter. It’s usually these little things that make the biggest impact in our lives & surroundings.

Just by changing our mindset, we can make a heck of a difference. Changing how we see ourselves and our world. We are never too old or too young to start.

Here are a few tips from James and EcoTraining on how to create some change in your life:

  • Start with a lifestyle shift.
  • Start something new.
  • Make a career change. (No matter how frightening it may be).
  • Use less plastic.
  • Switch off lights when not in use.
  • Use water sparingly.
  • Even just being friendly to one another.

There are thousands more that can be mentioned but all of these “little” things impact something, that impacts something else which also impacts something else and the snowball effect goes on and on…

Who knows, changing some of the small things in life may give us the opportunity to save this wonderful planet we are living on. Protecting & saving its recourses and natural wonders. It’s not that farfetched, it is possible.

So go on. Don’t fear the change. Life is too short. Embrace it.
Implement it. See the results! Take the plunge and swim your heart out!” – James Copland

If you want to listen to the Podcast between Willie and James have a listen here: