Course spotlight – Wilderness Trails Skills

We had the privilege to host Bev Tucker, a journalist from Lowveld Living on a Wilderness Trails Skills course and it made an unforgettable impact on her life.


Bev Tucker had an incredible time and we can’t help but take this opportunity to boast about our courses having these kind of impacts on people’s lives.

And so we share with you what Bev wrote to us:

“I want to thank you for the most incredible week during which we experienced the Wilderness Skills course, and for all the work and input that made it possible.

I needn’t tell you that the walk had its tough moments (all rooted in our human sense of entitlement, interestingly) and all of them an important part of the course structure, yet somehow they were also fun and interesting.


Bruce is one of the most inspiring and compelling individuals we have ever met. We are so privileged to have had him lead this course. His knowledge and bush craft are extraordinary, and his love for all of nature is virtually palpable. The world needs more people like him.

I needn’t go on about the hidden beauty of the Kruger he showed us which the average Kruger National Park visitor cannot imagine exists; or about the days sometimes being a hot foot-slog rewarded with a cold wash and a hard bed. What matters is what we took away with us at the end: the memories of places and animals that are fascinating as well as beautiful beyond words; and the complex shifting of ‘stuff’ under the surface of one’s consciousness. We feel immensely privileged to have had this opportunity.


’m certain the positive effects will ripple for much longer and farther than any of our group yet realises. I’m equally certain that whatever those ripple effects turn out to be for us individually, they can only be for the good.

It was simply amazing. Thank you.”

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If you would like to experience the same impacts Bev described above, do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to book your spot on the next Wilderness Trails Skills course.

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