Earth Hour 2020

Beyond the Bright Lights | Earth Hour 2020

What is the meaning of Earth Hour?

Founded in 2007, Earth Hour was conceptualized around a think tank in Australia. The initiative is now organized annually by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and is a voluntary one-hour lights out with the focus on drawing on the power of the masses to drive environmental awareness. Anyone and everyone is invited to join the movement and has grown to include millions of supporters worldwide.  The energy savings have been remarkable however the purpose goes way beyond the measurable kilowatts. The movement is a symbolic drive to take conscious action for the preservation of our planet.

How can you be a part of it?

This Year, Earth Hour is planned for 28 March between 20h30 and 21h30 and the goal is to switch off as many lights as possible. As South Africans, we will all be in our homes with our loved ones and this is a great opportunity to recreate the original think tank. As families, why not brainstorm other ways in which we can take accountability for our households’ environmental footprint? Are you recycling? Have you stopped using plastic bags when doing your groceries? Have you switched to eco-friendly cleaning products? Are you committed to saving water? These are just a few small ideas to get you started… We challenge you to really invest in doing what you can to contribute to the movement, way beyond just the hour.

As a company, EcoTraining is wholeheartedly dedicated to nature. We have a deep awareness of her importance and how necessary it is to protect her. During South Africa’s 21-day lockdown period, guides and guardians of nature will undoubtedly experience an overwhelming yearning to be in the wilderness: a withdrawal from her mountains and her wide open plains.

This year’s Earth Hour is especially symbolic and about so much more than just switching off our bright lights. If anything, it is pivotal that we shine a bright light on all that we have done to harm our home, our planet.  And we have to change. If we want to have the freedom, once again, to immerse ourselves in wild spaces we need to come together in solidarity.  We hope that this message will light a fire in each and every person that reads it; light a fire of determination to change for the better. The onus is on us, all of us.

Please stay safe and stay home South Africa!

In the meantime, here is what you can look forward to when the lock-down comes to an end.

Earth Hour 2020

Sitting around the bush TV in Mashatu, Botswana (c) Jan Wilke