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Online learning is seemingly the next step in our Safari journey. But how do you choose which route to go?

If you are a nature enthusiast or a future field guide, you will by now realise that the Safari industry has almost overnight gone live, whether it is live safaris, virtual tours or an online course, information is readily available and with a click of a button, you could be transported into the wilderness right from the comfort of your own sofa, we can almost go as far as saying that you’re now on a ‘sofa Safari’.

EcoTraining Online Course

With all this being said, why choose EcoTraining’s Online Course?

Being the oldest guide training institute out there, we feel very proud to have a handful of mentors and instructors that are able to guide our students in becoming the finest Safari Guides in the industry. There is no difference with our online course.

Tarry Myers, our E-learning Producer alongside subject matter, expert instructors will guide you through this journey seamlessly and it will almost feel like you are in the African bush with us. Your 8-weeks will be filled with adventure, learning, storytelling and thirst to learn more.

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The next generation of Safari Education

Let’s dive a little deeper into what our Online Programme will look like.

This is a comprehensive introduction to Field Guiding. This course covers all 17 FGASA Apprentice Guide modules, it also including theory reviews/quizzes after each lecture, workbook support and theory assessments. EcoTraining’s experienced instructors deliver the programme via live interactive lectures, which include videos, graphics and quizzes. The syllabus covers a broad spectrum of subjects including ecology, animal behaviour, conservation management and more.

EcoTraining Online Course - All you need to know

Lectures will range between an hour and two hours, with a live Q&A to follow each lecture. Workbook support & theory reviews to be scheduled after each lecture.

Although this course forms the foundation for field guiding career (and many other wildlife orientated careers), it is equally suitable for those simply wanting to deepen their bush knowledge and skills, but if you aren’t too keen on the ‘exam’ part of this course, maybe our Nature Enthusiast Course is more up your ally?

Students will have the option of taking part in EcoTraining’s 35-day practical course at one of EcoTraining’s wilderness camps, at a discounted rate.

Please note, for those students who would like to qualify as a field guide and enter the industry, they would need to successfully complete the online course component, as well as the FGASA Apprentice Field Guide Theory Exam (which is included in our online course). This would make those students eligible for assessment on the 35-day practical.

EcoTraining Online Course - All you need to know

So, what are you waiting for?

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