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EcoTraining Makuleke Concession

Into the Wild | by Ntsakisi Matelakengisa

As a young girl, I would never have thought that I could ever have loved being out in the wild, seeing the beautiful animals and driving around the scenic nature routes as much as I did. But, luckily for me, I got to grow up with a family that enjoyed going to areas such as the Kruger National Park and this gave my love a chance to grow even more.
Loal is lekker

EcoTraining Quiz: South Africa is ‘Lekker’

With Heritage Day just around the corner, we are continuing with our Local is 'Lekker' theme. So hold on to your hats and fall in love with South Africa and all the wonders of our beautiful country!
Local is LekkerEcoTraining

Remember, Local is Lekker

Why not spend your time in the wilds of Africa whilst enjoying twice-daily activities at one of EcoTraining unfenced camps within the Limpopo Province. Or have a look what the other 8 amazing provinces in South Africa could have in store for you. Because you know, 'Local is Lekker'