Freedom Day

Freedom Day in South Africa is a significant National public holiday which marks the human right to freedom and commemorates the country’s first ever democratic elections held in 1994.

Celebrating freedom

The country held its first all-races election which ended racial oppression under the apartheid regime. The 27th April 1994, reminds many South Africans of the jubilation felt when hundreds and thousands of black, white, Indian and other mixed-race voters stood alongside one another in long winding queues to cast their vote. This democratic revolution was led by the country’s beloved Nelson Mandela who passed away on 5th December 2013.

Freedom Day is not about only about recalling the bitter history of the past but more importantly to celebrate as a nation how far we have come in building a country where we dare to dream for a better future, dare to stand up for justice, dare to celebrate who I am as a South African, regardless of race. We acknowledge that we as a country are still undergoing change and that’s ok, as long we love enough and care enough to keep South Africa moving forward, in Nelson Mandela’s vision and in his honour.

See this inspiring video about Freedom Day

At EcoTraining we are fortunate enough to celebrate this special day with our students at camps who majority, come from all corners of the globe. We celebrate Freedom Day with a braai ‘BBQ’ and give students a taste of our cultural dishes made in the African bush such as boerewors, Bobotie, chakalaka and pap. Hear what they say about the food and what Freedom Day means to them:

Scott Fraser, current Back-up student

“Freedom Day is also known as “Braai Day” to many South Africans. It is a good excuse to get your friends & family over for a braai & a few beers, not that any South African needs an excuse to have a braai. It is another way to try out new South African meals from various backgrounds.

A traditional braai day menu in many households would consist of the following:

  • Pap en sauce – Pap with tomato relish
  • Garlic bread or ‘Braai Broodjies’ – a traditional toasted sandwich grilled over the coals until golden & filled with onions, cheese, tomato & chutney
  • All sorts of meat such as boerewors, steak, lamb chops or sosaties
  • and as always, a light green salad

Menu aside, it is all about friends, family and being able to spend time with the people you love.

So light a wood fire & invite some people over for a good old BRAAI & experience different cultures & new South African dishes with a few beers & have a good time.”