Happy Mother’s Day, I’m sure it’s a full-time job

Every year we get the opportunity to celebrate that special figure in our lives. The figure who gave us life, who will protect us no matter what, and who loves us unconditionally. This year, we took a closer look at a different Mother…Mother Earth and you will be surprised at the similarities between our wonderful mothers and the planet we live on.

We are all lucky to live on this beautiful blue and green planet called earth. It is home to millions of different animals and plants and there is still so much of it to be explored.  Out of the eight planets in our solar system, we inhabit the best one. We are in the Goldilocks zone, which means that our planet is not too hot or too cold. This perfect position enables water to flow, provides an abundance of food and allows life to flourish.  Even though our planet has had five mass extinction events, life always finds a way and continues to thrive.

One of the unsung heroes of our planet is Mother Nature. The concept of mother nature dates back thousands of years and can be found in many different forms, in many religions and cultures, worshipped her as the goddess of all things natural, a generous provider and the mother of us all. Today mother nature embodies the environment and the natural world. Without nature, we would be nothing and seize to exist. Nature and the ecology of the natural environment gives us life, similarly as a mother does, providing everything humankind needs to flourish.

Lanner Gorge_Makuleke_Small

Lanner Gorge captured by Etienne Oosthuizen

She has been around for over four billion years so she knows a thing or two. She is always working to maintain harmony and balance. In time, mother nature can heal anything that harms her. Mother nature encourages and supports all life on our planet, and ultimately all life depends on her. We are lucky as her intelligent design providing us with blue skies, amazing sunsets, comfort, shelter, food, the air we breathe and an abundance of wildlife.

Philosophically speaking, there is a peace that comes with connecting with and surrounding oneself with nature. Many of us live in concrete jungles, spending many hours of our lives in front of computers and televisions, but through most of human history, we lived with nature. Recent studies have shown that being submerged in nature, even for a short time, can reap many positive health benefits such as: –

  • Reduced stress levels
  • Spending time in the sun allows your body to produce vitamin D
  • Improves brain function
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • People that spend more time outdoors are generally fitter
  • It boosts our immune system

These examples touch on only a few amazing benefits and unlike medical aid, she gives it to us all for free.

Sure she can be a tempest who can wreak havoc, occasionally causing hurricanes, cyclones, snow storms, torrential rain to name but a few. However, she reminds us of the power of nature and that we as humans need to take care of and love her as we would our own mothers. Ensuring that she is respected and that we understand how our actions can harm her. If we don’t take care of her, she can’t take care of us.

Mom Rhino and her baby (c) Kate Oschman

On this note, EcoTraining would love to wish all the mothers in every role and form a Happy Mother’s Day, you make this world a better place!

* The term ‘mother nature’ is purely metaphorical and not literally or religiously implied.