The Importance of Trees in our Ecosystem

In celebration of Arbor week, we would like to share our personal thoughts on the subject of trees and to ‘leaf’ you with something to think about.

Anton Lategan, Managing Director of EcoTraining, has only one goal in mind – he wants to save the planet. It might seem impossible to some, but he believes with all his heart that this goal can be achieved. Is it even possible, you might ask?  Well yes, it is actually very simple… if 7 billion people each plant one tree, how can one NOT save the planet?

(c) Kirsten Stapel

Trees play a very important role in our ecosystem and without trees, there will be an imbalance in nature. At the rate humans are currently destroying natural forests, we will soon be left with minimal natural resources and more importantly…oxygen! On this topic and directed to everyone reading this, ask yourself the following question:

“How does the human brain work if we have more appreciation for animals around us then we have for the actual botanical wonders that produce the oxygen that all animals including humans need to survive?”

Jasper Visser, EcoTraining Instructor at the Makuleke camp in the Kruger National Park has the privilege of witnessing true wilderness areas on a daily basis – “walking along the majestic rivers one cannot help to wonder, from time to time, what these massive Baobabs or Mashatu trees have witnessed over the past decades… and if trees could talk, what could tell us?”

(c) Etienne Oosthuizen

Mark Gunn, Instructor at our camp at Karongwe Game reserve believes that all days should be dedicated to trees and the protection thereof. If all school systems could inculcate an ethos of care for the environment and the sustainable and wise use of all resources.

Jasper’s advice to everyone is that next time you see any big tree, you take a moment to appreciate the big botanical dinosaurs that feed us with oxygen and keep us alive every day. With the spreading of awareness and education about nature and wildlife, anything is possible and we do hope that you will help build on your own natural paradise in your own city, town or neighbourhood.

(c) Geza Neitzel

Happy Arbor Week everyone!

I challenge you to take #EcoTrainingArborDrive challenge and plant at least one tree. Click here for a quick step-by-step guide on how to enter the competition. Follow the steps to be entered into a draw to win a 7-day EcoQuest course.