Konica Minolta sponsors field guide students

In August 2017, EcoTraining welcomed a group of eleven young individuals from the Good Work Foundation (GWF) bizhub Conservation Academy in Mpumalanga. Konica Minolta South Africa (KMSA) in partnership with GWF sponsored these previously disadvantaged candidates to pursue their dream of becoming accredited Field Guides.

Good Work Foundation training

Field Guide students and facilitator Byron Ross from the Good Work Foundation (GWF) identifying tracks on the ground with EcoTraining in the Karongwe Game Reserve

As part of the student’s preparation towards their practical component of their FGASA Field Guide training, the GWF Conservation Academy partnered with EcoTraining (Pty) Ltd to provide a quality wilderness immersion experience at their unfenced bush camp located in the Karongwe Game Reserve, South Africa.

Accompanying the group of students was Byron Ross, the GWF facilitator and he says, “we expect the youth of today to be the custodians of our natural heritage tomorrow, yet we haven’t equipped them to do so. They have very little connection with nature, so how can they protect that, which they do not love?”

This is why environmental education and awareness is the first significant step towards protecting and restoring natural areas, followed by what we do with this knowledge. The future of our natural world depends upon the involvement of humanity to make a difference; one brave guardian at a time. Student Millicent Sarila aged 21 says, “the most important thing that I have learned is love, respect and appreciate nature because I believe that if you love something you will definitely take care of it; and I for sure will take care of nature.”

Take a look at the video of the Good Work Foundation Field Guide students and their experience with EcoTraining in African bush.