Leon Pauleikhof – its been a life changing experience

Through signing up for the Professional Field Guide course, it has been a year filled with new life experiences, lifelong friendships and unforgettable experiences for Leon. "Every time I've been to Africa I changed a little bit. This time with EcoTraining I changed even more."


“When I came back from Botswana as a volunteer in nature conservation, I realized that I wanted to become a guide in the African bush. I talked to some supervisors of the project and heard about EcoTraining. I read more about the company and figured out that EcoTraining will be the best provider for the training.

Not only did I experience the wildlife with a lot of new knowledge, I experienced new friendships and how important it is to trust each other and also to enjoy every moment together without any access to technology.

I have so many favorite moments, I can’t mention them all – all the animal encounters, especially the close ones on foot with elephant, rhino and buffalo, the landscape and the sunsets/rises, playing games with my fellow students and instructors and just every funny moment I can remember.


Each camp has something that makes it special: Selati, with its small comfortable tents and the volleyball court in the river; Karongwe, with its big tents and the beautiful landscape around the river with the big Sycamore fiqs and Makuleke with its luxury tents, the bush-fit with Bruce and its stunning flood plains, fever tree forest and Lanner gorge!

I have only experienced Mashatu for two days and was already “in love” with this piece of paradise. The camp is basic, yet it is awesome to get as close to the nature as possible. The open fields and koppies with the marsh inbetween gives you the best opportunity for walking trails just as much as in Makuleke.


Every time I’ve been to Africa I changed a little bit. This time with EcoTraining I changed even more. I discovered the real important things in life, became more relaxed and know now how to deal with difficult situations.”