Lodge Life with Varun Taneja

From the moment Varun was introduced to African documentaries, he dreamed of travelling to Africa one day. Little did he know that his dream were about to come true.

Varun is currently employed as a guide a The Outpost Lodge, Kruger Park

“My passion for wildlife began watching documentaries on African wildlife on a tv screen sitting in a rather busy city in India. Africa seemed far and only existed in dreams.

I learnt about EcoTraining when I just started working in India as a safari guide in tiger reserves. After working for about two years, I signed up for the EcoTraining Professional Field Guide course. Dreams came true and I landed on the African soil.

I now take pride in becoming a better professional after spending a year with EcoTraining. I can’t give enough thanks to all the instructors and mentors who gave me a new understanding of wilderness and shaped me as the Safari Guide I am now. The year long training also gave me a realistic and practical approach to the wildlife conservation. I wish to contribute my best to conservation.

I am currently working at The Outpost lodge in Makuleke concession, Kruger National Park.”