Making a difference all the way from the USA

Moondance Adventures opened their hearts to the people of the Makuleke community. By spending some time in the community, they made an unforgettable impact on everyone involved.


EcoTraining recently had the opportunity to facilitate two community projects sponsored by Moondance Adventures in collaboration with Southern Sky Adventures.

Moondance offers adventure tours for teenagers to some of the most inspiring places in the world, including South Africa. During this trip these young people have been on safari, visited local communities and rehabilitation projects, and travelled through the country.

The first Moondance Adventures group made a generous donation of equipment and furniture to the Makuleke Orphan Care centre.


In a matter of a few hours the supplies and the hard work of the group turned an empty shell of a building into a colourful, lively hub of activity, fun and games for 80 of the Makuleke children.


The group also spent some time with the rest of the community and experienced some of their day-to-day routines.


The second Moondance group made a contribution of books, furniture, stationary, a microwave oven and paint to the community library. They spent the day playing and painting with the children, writing messages on the library wall and engaging with the elders of the community.


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