My first wildlife encounter as a Safari Guide trainee

Let’s go back in time to our holiday or course in the bush and recall that thrilling moment when you first encountered one of Africa’s beautiful animal species on a game drive.


Was it a stately elephant bull ambling down the road towards you, a cheetah peering at your from behind a termite mound or some large-maned lions lazing under the shade of an acacia tree? All of these sightings are distinctive in their own way and get tucked away in your romantic memories of Africa.

When our UK course participant, Louise Monsey, joined EcoTraining in 2015 on her first course, she had limited knowledge about the bush, let alone any knowledge or skill in 4×4 driving. No sweat…that is what EcoTraining is there for – to teach people all about nature as well as the necessary skills to take guests out on a game drive to create unforgettable experiences for them.

Louise recalls her first encounter on her very first game drive – a striking leopard appeared from out of nowhere. As intimidating as it was for her, it was time to put all her newly acquired skills to the test and show her fellow students an amazing sighting.

An amazing sighting it was, and to this day a sighting Louise will never forget.