Witnessing a kill – and then a robbery

It's not every day that one gets to witness a lion kill – but seeing what happened next was something truly special.


We spent the morning teaching students from the University of Lincoln-Nebraska some tracking skills in the Mashatu Game Reserve, EcoTraining’s base in Botswana.

Suddenly, there was an explosion of dust behind a large mustard bush. As we came around the bush, there she was: a lioness with a little warthog in her mouth. She was trying to recover after the chase and just lay there, trying to catch her breath.


But the lioness didn’t get to rest before starting her meal. Quick as a flash, a male came rushing in – and off she went, with him in hot pursuit.

She tired quickly, though, and he caught up with her; in another cloud of dust, they wrestled. His sheer size was the deciding factor, and she ultimately lost her prey.

It was incredible to be a witness to this spectacle!