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EcoTraining offers a variety of educational wilderness immersion courses for anyone one who wants to learn more about guiding and the natural world around us. Choose from the various courses we have to offer, whether it be a specialist career course or a shorter wildlife course, all our programmes will help improve your knowledge and leave you feeling reawakened and reconnected.

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Online Courses

Different Wildlife Guide & Guardiancourses on offer

We offer various career courses, shorter wildlife courses, and online courses. Really, there’s something for everyone who has a passion for nature and wildlife. With every EcoTraining course, your knowledge will be enhanced and your enthusiasm nurtured. 


The advantages of taking an EcoTraining course

On every EcoTraining course or programme, the adventure of a safari is combined with appropriate environmental education to offer a truly immersive wilderness experience. Even the online courses offer field experience.

  • enjoy experiential training with twice-daily wildlife activities
  • receive guidance and training from expert trainers
  • live in unfenced camps on big game reserves
  • experience hands-on practical learning

Who should consider taking an EcoTraining course?

Anyone with a passion for nature and wildlife and a thirst for adventure should sign up for one of EcoTraining’s courses. No prior knowledge is necessary.

How to find out more about EcoTraining courses and programmes?


Get in touch via email at [email protected] or enquire here

What are EcoTraining courses and programmes about?

Our courses offer you the chance to be truly connected with nature and explore your passions, while being part of a community of nature lovers that spans the globe. By sharing nature’s processes, its ecosystems, and the importance of wilderness areas, we aim to equip students with the necessary skills to create positive change in the world.

How to find the right EcoTraining course or programme?

First, decide on the path you wish to follow. Are you looking for a career course or do you simply want to expand your knowledge of nature? If you want to learn more about the bush, you could complete an EcoQuest course or focus on tracking, birding, wildlife photography or wilderness trails skills. The EcoTraining online courses offer a convenient way to expand your knowledge ahead of time in the field, and the Field Guide course is the perfect option for a career in the tourism industry.


What to expect from an EcoTraining course or programme?

We aim to provide an experience that incorporates knowledge and practical learning for students, so they can reach their full potential. Our unfenced camps in large dangerous game areas also offer complete immersion with nature, and there’s practical experience on offer 24/7. With two activities daily – like game drives and game walks – there’s never be a dull moment on a course.

How many EcoTraining courses are available?

Currently we offer 22 different EcoTraining courses, ranging from short wildlife courses to Field Guide career courses and online courses. Course costs vary accordingly.

How long is an EcoTraining course?

EcoTraining’s career courses range from 28 days to a one-year-long Professional Field Guide qualification course. The shorter courses are between six and 28 days long and are ideal for those wanting to expand their knowledge and understanding of the bush.