EcoTraining Field Guide 35-day Practical Course (FGASA & CATHSSETA)

FGASA Apprentice Field Guide / Nature Site Guide (NQF 2) Practical Component

After the successful completion of the FGASA Field Guide Theory section, the next step is to complete the practical section of the course. Spend 35-days immersed in nature with EcoTraining. Learn through hands-on experiences in the African wilderness for the duration of your course.


The EcoTraining Field Guide practical section consists out of 35-days of applied learning towards the FGASA Apprentice Field Guide qualification. This is the entry-level qualification for Field Guiding which encompasses vehicle-based guiding in dangerous and non-dangerous games areas. Through extensive training, the guide will be able to conduct game drives for guests in a limited geographical area.

The guide forms the link between nature and the guest on the vehicle, and the level of knowledge of the guide is of utmost importance.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants can enroll for the EcoTraining Trails Guide Course (FGASA Apprentice Trails Guide status) and specialise in ‘on-foot’ guiding.

EcoTraining Field Guide 35-day Practical Course


The practical section of the Apprentice Field Guide course will cover the same modules that were covered during the Field Guide theory section. Our specialist Instructors will prepare you for practical assessment and they will focus on the following topics:

  • Using a High Lift Jack safely
  • Game Drive Radio protocol
  • Spotlighting techniques
  • Identify and talk about trees, grasses, and flowers. (Medicinal, Practical and Cultural uses)
  • Bird behaviour
  • Arthropod behaviour
  • Mammal behaviour
  • Spoor identification
  • Dung and territorial identification.
  • Identify and explain the warning signs of common mammals.
  • Identify star constellations and their stories.
  • Point out and explain what the Milkyway is.
  • Explain and point out what Deep Sky objects are.
  • Point out the relevant planets
  • Use the Southern Cross to tell direction.
EcoTraining Field Guide 35-day Practical Course

Course Length

35 days


    Age: 18+
  • driver's licence
  • able-bodied
  • able to walk at least 2km
  • first aid course – preferably to be done before coming on course, but it can be done after the course at any accredited institution in any country.
  • First aid is generic worldwide. FGASA will only issue your FGASA Level 1 certificate if you have a valid first aid qualification!

Who Is This For?

  • career and gap year candidates
  • a sabbatical
  • extended educational vacation
  • interns
  • volunteers
  • researchers

Our winning formula

This course not only offers excellent value for money but also opportunity. Live and learn in one of our unfenced camps for endless hands-on educational opportunities in untouched wilderness areas of southern Africa or Kenya


FGASA_Logo2015_Final_nobinos_smFGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) – EcoTraining is an FGASA-endorsed training provider that is accredited by CATHSSETA.

Course dates

31 July 2022 – 03 July 2022 Karongwe & Pridelands

06 October – 09 November 2022 Pridelands

02 November – 06 December 2022 Mara Training Centre

Participants will have the opportunity to attempt their EcoTraining Field Guide Certificate and FGASA Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2) qualification, by successfully completing a theoretical and practical assessment. These assessments will be conducted by our instructors (who are accredited FGASA assessors) at our camps, during the course.


  1. CATHSSETA Nature Site Guide (NQF2) Qualification
  2. FGASA Apprentice Field Guide Certificate
  3. EcoTraining Certificate of Participation