Wilderness Photography Course

Wilderness photography is a far reaching type of photography, taken outdoors and devoted to portraying natural elements such as wildlife, birds, landscapes, plants, close-ups, textures or any other subject that the photographer finds through their own creative insight. The focus of this photography experience, puts an emphasis on the aesthetic value of the photo for the photographer and the message they are trying to convey though their passion and love of nature.

Want to take great wilderness and wildlife photographs in Africa?

With a complete focus on wilderness photography, you will be out in the bush both mornings and afternoons enjoying spectacular photographic opportunities. In between there will be a daily lecture, also focused on nature photography. So, if you want to take your wildlife and wilderness photography up a notch or two, this wilderness photography course will do just that.

This is unique opportunity to spend seven days in one of our unfenced wilderness camps, all in areas of incomparable beauty, filled with unique landscapes, amazing diversity of wildlife, and millennia of human history. There are literally endless opportunities to capture this beautiful landscape and its inhabitants on your literal and mental memory card when doing this wilderness photography short course.

In our Wilderness Photography course, you will learn all the skills you need to be a wilderness photographer of substance. Not only will you learn to better understand your camera and how to use it, but you will also learn many of the creative techniques used for taking great photos

Gabriele and I are very interested in wildlife and nature photography, therefore the course with you was the right thing to do at the best time in wonderful Makuleke!

Rolf Bussmann, Germany – April 2022


The below content will be covered during the 7-days of the Wilderness Photography course:

  • Your camera, exposure, and how it affects your photos
  • The basics of photography and how to interpret them in the field
  • Fieldcraft and creating opportunities
  • Camera techniques – technical, practical, creative
  • Composition, creativity, and important elements in photos
  • The use of light and its impact on your photography
  • How your subjects can help you see better images
  • The role of image editing in photography
  • Basic Image editing workflow and software

Let your images tell a story and become a Guardian of the African Wilderness

The course starts with the absolute basics of exposure, to ensure everybody understands the relationship of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Once these technical aspects are understood, you will then learn about creativity and composition. A lot of time is spent on this and discussing different approaches to photographing a scene, as every person interprets the same sighting a little differently.

The aim though is to learn about wildlife and how to photograph it in its natural habitat.

In addition, the course will examine the thought process behind creating a superb wildlife photograph – and there will be both time and opportunity for photographers to put these thoughts into action. Excellent instruction, paired with ample opportunity in the field and your instructor on hand to assist and advise, generally translates into a great result and beautiful images.

To be a good wildlife photographer, three things are needed:

  1. access to wildlife and beautiful landscapes
  2. sound knowledge of the craft of photography
  3. a strong foundational understanding of animal behaviour

Photography has become such an integral part of the safari experience, and this course is designed to give guides the skills to better interpret and understand photographers’ needs. Signing up for the course promises abundant adventure too.


21 March 2023 – 27 March 2023 (Makuleke)

I especially enjoyed the very good conditions for photography, which you don’t usually find in the bush: Nothing gets in the way in the completely open car (apart from the hat of the person in front only now and then). And above all, you get time and hints to photograph many different objects in various settings without anyone rushing.

We were lucky that during the 5 days there were different weather conditions and we could try out very different camera settings. I learned a lot when photographing in fog and against a bright sky or a dark background or in the spotlight.

Gabrielle Muller-Sonder, Germany – April 2022



Which course is best for wilderness photography?

The EcoTraining Wilderness Photography course is a great way to expand your photography skills. The course teaches participants about their equipment and how to become a versatile wilderness photographer.

What qualifications do you need to study wilderness photography?

You do not require any qualifications to enroll on a wilderness photography course. Anyone from 16 years old, who has a passion for photography, can sign up for the Wilderness Photography course.

How long is the Wilderness Photography short course?

The EcoTraining Wilderness Photography course duration is seven days.

Where can I study Wilderness Photography?

You can receive hands-on, practical experience on an EcoTraining Wilderness Photography course. The course takes place in one of EcoTraining’s remote wilderness camps, with ample photographic opportunities.

How much is the Wilderness Photography short course?

EcoTraining’s local rates are positioned for local citizens to access our training, and to ensure career development and employment in the safari industry. Contact [email protected] for the Wilderness Photography course rates.