Wilderness Trails Skills

This unique six-day course provides a perfect platform for aspirant or qualified guides or nature lovers to discover and reconnect with meaningful wilderness encounters. We firmly believe that the wilderness experience can be an inspiring cornerstone in the lives and careers of all those with a passion for nature and its inhabitants, developing a lifelong culture of conservation.


The course may challenge some personal boundaries as we sleep wild under the stars, track and stalk game, and travel light with minimal supplies. It’s certainly more about depth than distance. The backdrop, of course, is traversing some of the finest and most remote wilderness regions of southern Africa on foot.

While there are no formal subjects or lectures, the emphasis of the course lies on meaningful wilderness philosophy, tracking, low-impact guiding skills and bush lore. The adventures are instructed by some of the most experienced trainers and guides in Africa, with a choice of stunning venues within the Makuleke Concession (Kruger National Park) or the Mashatu Game Reserve(Botswana).



  • PLAN for overnight stops
  • P – Position: is your position a safe one?
  • L – Location: are you located close to an escape route?
  • A – Acquisitions: are resources (water and firewood) close to hand?
  • N – Navigation: will it be easy to navigate from, come leaving time?)
  • How to make an eco-friendly fire (you’ll have to come on course for that one …)
  • Minimal footprint – how to guide in the bush, leaving little or no evidence of your presence
  • Navigation using maps, compass and landmarks
  • Planning and setting up campsites
  • Night watch
  • Planning for and collection of water replenishment
  • Trail/track where appropriate

Our winning formula

You will be based in camps in prime wildlife areas, and partake in wilderness walks or game drives twice a day. You could be trained in two different game reserves, exposing you to a diversity of habitats and species. No other training provider can match this variety of training environments, or the frequency of practical activities we offer.


04 April – 09 April 2020 (Makuleke)

19 September – 24 September 2020 (Makuleke)

02 October – 07 October 2020 (Makuleke)


Participants who are qualified trails guide back-ups wishing to obtain hours and encounters towards their lead qualification, will rotate as back-ups and can log their hours and encounters.