This is why I want to become a Field Guide: Anika Green

Opportunities can be found in the strangest places, Anika found hers in between the pages of a research paper which was EcoTraining. She fell in love with the idea of becoming a field guide and imparting knowledge about the plight of animals and nature around the world.

Anika Green on course with EcoTraining (c) Samantha Davies

I am a student at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada – and studying Resource and Environmental Management with a minor in Archaeology. I found EcoTraining through a research paper for one of my lectures. I became smitten about the idea of guiding people through the African Bush, or any wilderness for that matter. A year later, I took the leap and enrolled in EcoTraining’s FGASA Field Guide Level 1 / NQF 2 Course.

I started my journey with EcoTraining in the Karongwe bush camp within the Karongwe Private Game Reserve. I am on this course with a great group of people that are sharing this journey with me from different parts of the world. I ultimately aspire to educate others about the plight of animals and nature around the world and hope to inspire them to not only respect nature, but to also love it, because when you love something you want to protect it! This course is the perfect way for me to begin to turn that dream into reality.