Lose or learn, life takes you on a new path

Sometimes, the hard moments in life forces you to rise above all odds and make the best of your situation. This is exactly what Jerry Sibiya did when circumstances left him homeless for a night.

Jerry demonstrating the practical identification of animal tracks (c) Sam Davies

As a young boy Jerry had to look after his father’s cattle during the day. Even though he was still very young, it was an important task to fulfil and a big responsibility. As with any child, the need to play with his friends exceeded the moments responsibility and in a moment of ‘weakness’ he lost his father’s cattle. He knew that he was in big trouble, but took the long trek home to inform his father. One thing led to another and Jerry was forced to leave home and find shelter for the night. This traumatic experience did not deter him at all and he decided to take matters into his own hands and find a solution for his problem

In this video Jerry Sibiya, shares his powerful story.

If you have the courage to rise up above your circumstances, then you have already won the battle. This is exactly what Jerry did. These days Jerry works as a qualified EcoTracker Instructor at EcoTraining where he teaches students the fine art of animal tracks and tracking.

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