Matrics go big in the bush this December

Have you ever thought of having a matric rage in the African bush? Based in a beautiful big five game reserve, with a comfy tented camp as your base, embrace the celebrations with a whole lot more meaning, adventure, memories and experiences


Right through your school career you’ve prided yourself in making your mark and doing things your way. So why not celebrate the end of 12 years behind school desks with a Matric Rage experience that’s as unique as you are? Introducing the EcoTraining Matric Bush Rage from the 8th  – 13th of December.

It’s fun, it’s hands-on, it’s life changing and it’s a very real challenge for you to break away. Here’s your chance from breaking with the old routine of matriculants flocking to the seaside for end-of-school celebrations. Go on an adventure safari with a group of your best friends for an exhilarating alternative to the norm. Based in beautiful big five game reserves with comfy tented camps as your base, here’s your chance to experience hands-on wildlife encounters while making memories that will last a lifetime.


The Matric Bush Rage experience includes waking up to bird-song and drumbeats, going on game drives that will feed the soul, learning to drive powerful 4x4s, hiking into the wilderness, using tracking skills to get up-close with the wildlife, wading through rivers, sitting around a camp fire at night enjoying a few drinks, sleeping under the stars and capturing some of the most incredible sunsets and sunrises on camera.


What will Matric Ragers do in the bush?

  • use tracking skills to find animals
  • gain knowledge and skills to protect our wildlife
  • sleep out under the stars of the African skies
  • navigate and orientate yourself using nature’s markers and signs;
  • learn how to handle a rifle, practice target shooting
  • steer yourself and your friends in a rugged 4×4 vehicle, whilst learning off-road driving skills
  • study the night skies and brush up on your astronomy knowledge
  • learn so much about wildlife

Where you will sleep

You will live in our Karongwe unfenced tented camp with walk-in style Meru tents with a central communal area with viewing decks.  Four thatch-roofed open-sided decks enclose an open campfire area and serve as the open air dining are;  an open-air “chill lounge” and an option for the adventurous who want to spend their nights as close to nature as possible.


This one week Bush Matric Rage is not for sissies. You will need more courage to face that elephant on foot, or in the camp, than you will need to face that tequila hangover.

Enquire now by calling 013 752 2532 or email [email protected] and download our information below with costs, date and more information.