Some days in life we steer the propeller, and other days we ride the waves. There’s a delicate balance between making and allowing.

That’s what it all comes down to. Trusting in the self, in those around us, and in the universe to lead us to where we’re supposed to be. Letting go is the single most important element in that process of trust. In order to get to where we’re going, we have to let go of where we’ve been. Making the decision to do the yearlong Professional Guiding Programme at EcoTraining is a big one and can take years for some to make; it’s scary. There are all the myriad questions: what happens if it’s a mistake? How can I leave my life behind? What if I don’t get a job afterwards? And, and, and…

These questions are fear-based justifications to not make the desired change in our lives. The only way to change, is to leap and trust that not only will we be caught, but we may find that we can actually fly.

Like many students, Jayne Shackleton, from a small town in the UK, left a full life to come to EcoTraining. At 31 years old, she quit her job as a hairdresser, gave away her belongings and home. She says, “I knew I would not be going back,” when reflecting on her previous city life. Jayne, passionate about conservation has worked with wild dogs in South Africa as well as with sea turtles in Greece. It was in Greece that she met Nicola-Ann Jack, a former EcoTraining Student and current Assistant Instructor at EcoTraining’s Mashatu camp in Botswana. Nicola told Jayne about EcoTraining and planted the seed that would later on become a flower.

Success on the shooting range – Firearm Proficiency is compulsory for Trails Guide training

Jayne busy with animal track identification

Post the Professional Field Guide course training, Jayne is currently completing her lodge placement programme and has secured a placement with EcoTraining doing exactly what she’s wanted to do for years. Like many others, Jayne took the leap to change her life. She says that it was having trust and the faith in herself that she believed it would all work out afterwards that carried her through the challenging decision.

So, without further ado, if there’s something that you know your soul is hungry for, then take the bite. Leap! Let go! Use whatever words that will help you to harness that yearning inner courage. This is an ancient notion that resounds more and more in our modern era. You can rightfully so justify why it cannot be done…or…you can take that Cape Buffalo by the horns, hold on, and enjoy the ride. Have the trust to embrace your truth.

*Disclaimer: It’s a very bad idea to actually grab a Cape Buffalo by his or her horns. This is a metaphor.