What are we doing to safeguard and assist your clients?

We have sent our staff updated assistance to reinforce appropriate hygienic protocol at camps, and also asked them to implement the below, you might want to do the same at your office;

  • Physical contact should be minimised, with the use of the “elbow greeting” recommended over shaking hands. This is sure to become a fun trend!
  • Either soap and water, or hand sanitisers, should be used to wash hands for at least 20 seconds.
  • Anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms should be avoided (and taken to a medical practitioner, and people coughing or sneezing are asked to cover their nose and mouth).
  • The government has also called on people to stop spreading fake and unverified news which may cause further fear and panic and entrench ignorance. We are asking our staff to calm students and only share facts and or relevant sources.
  • We have hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray on our busses. For health and safety precautions we require you to spray sanitizer regularly and spray disinfectant spray before and after every stop. Aircons are prohibited for the time being and windows will be used for ventilation.
  • There has been a plea for those who have resources and who are healthy to assist those who are vulnerable or in need. We will provide increased stays at minimal rates to clients that want to stay on at our camps – Our camps are isolated and probably your best alternative to self-isolation. We have increased requests from parents that want to keep their kids at our camps and are assisting with requests to increase clients stay with us.