What to expect on Field Observation Day

As the end of the first month of the 55-day Field Guide Course (NQF2) draws nearer, the anxiousness and excitement grows for our field guide students as they prepare for their assessment on their competence and knowledge of the various aspects and fauna and flora.


The Field Guide (NQF2) course is the entry level qualification into field guiding (vehicle based guiding in dangerous game area). The syllabus covers a broad spectrum of subjects including 4×4 vehicle skills (specific for game viewing), specie identification (plants, birds, trees etc.) and tracking. The students learn basic bush survival skills and how to navigate themselves in the wilderness.

Take a look at the short snippet of our EcoTraining students on their field observation day.

Field observation day is the day where students get the opportunity to show off their gained knowledge of trees, birds and tracks. It can be nerve wrecking at times, but if the students paid enough attention in class, prepare well for the assessment then it should not be too difficult to pass.

Imagine yourself in their shoes, or should we say without shoes… as the students walk across the river to identify tracks on the other side. Some would say there is nothing better than the feeling of soft riverbed sand between the toes. Nature is the best classroom you will ever experience is the sentiment shared by our students. With two activities on a daily basis, whether it be walking or driving as well as a daily lecture, the students get plenty of exposure in the bush.


If field guiding is in your blood and you have a passion for nature and wildlife then the Field Guide course is for you!

Email [email protected] to enquire about upcoming course dates. We are looking forward to welcoming you on course soon!

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