Wilderness Photography course – Hailey Pope

Makuleke is a stunning area of northern Kruger with ample photographic opportunities, and when paired with an Instructor that knows where to look and how to go about taking the photo you get a great photographic course.

I have some photographic knowledge, so I went into the course to refresh my knowledge and see how I can improve on my photos. You don’t have to be a beginner to do a course like this. You can see as the week progressed so had my photos as Andrew, our instructor was giving us tips that I then put into use while taking the photos. We would get to a potential photo opportunity and we would discuss the scene and try out various settings and how we could take the photos.

Photographs © Hailey Pope

We were also given the opportunity to go walking one morning which allowed us to have a different perspective of everything we were taking photos of as we were not on the vehicle. This allowed us to look and photograph the smaller things you would ordinarily miss while on a vehicle.

Photographs © Hailey Pope

My favorite part of the course was having debriefs and being able to see the images we had taken and how proud I felt after taking them. Being able to sit at a sighting without being disturbed by another vehicle is another great thing about being in Makuleke. Overall the course was a huge success, I enjoyed working with the other people on the course and bouncing ideas with them, and chatting about photographic things.

Photographs © Hailey Pope

Do you want to experience the EcoTraining Wilderness Photography course?

Taking great wildlife photos is not as easy as it looks. Not only does one need creativity and technical knowledge, but also knowledge and understanding of one’s subject matter.

EcoTraining Photography Course | Makuleke, Northern Kruger National Park

Instructor Chad Cocking gives some insight into the EcoTraining photography course that takes place in the incredibly diverse and wild Makuleke concession in the Northern Kruger National Park.

About the Author: 

Hailey Pope past EcoTraining student and Intern with a love and passion for photography.