Wilderness Photography with Gabriele Muller-Sonder

For years I have loved the northern part of the Kruger National Park. I wanted to do a birding course in Makuleke with EcoTraining. As this was not possible on the date offered, I decided to do the photography course instead. It turned out to be a very good choice.

In the Makuleke region, I especially liked the eastern part with its many baobabs, the fever tree forest, the lake, the many open areas, and of course Lanner Gorge in the west. Even in autumn, the abundance of birdlife is outstanding.

The camp is very nice, everything necessary is available and all the staff is lovely and helpful.

Photograph © Gabriele Müller-Sonder

I especially enjoyed the good conditions for photography, which you don’t usually find in the bush. Using an open vehicle eliminates obstruction (apart from the occasional hat of the person in front of you). And above all, you get time to photograph a variety of objects in various settings.

Photographs © Gabriele Müller-Sonder

During our days, we were fortunate to experience different weather conditions which gave us the opportunity to play around with various camera settings. I learned a lot when photographing in fog, against a bright sky, on a dark background, or in the spotlight.

Photographs © Gabriele Müller-Sonder

As a beginner with my new camera, I was able to learn a lot about the different settings. The handling of different light and the composition of photos, which I had previously handled intuitively, were both explained well and I got new ideas.

I also enjoyed the hike very much. We had a lot of opportunity and leisure time to photograph even the small things found in the wilderness.

Photographs © Gabriele Müller-Sonder

Our driver and backup, Gerald were of great value and added to the great experience. He always waited patiently and with his excellent knowledge of the bird world also offered much insight.

The photos selected are only cropped, otherwise not further processed. We used a great new technique to help those who are new to editing format their images.

Wilderness Photography with EcoTraining

This course will enable you to capture that incredible wilderness photograph that will make an impact for a lifetime.

Wilderness Photography course

Taking great photographs of nature requires passion, the desire to learn, creativity, and technical skills, but also the knowledge and understanding of one’s subject matter. The wilderness photography course teaches participants about their equipment and how to become versatile wilderness photographers.

Participants also learn about the various elements that combine to create good wilderness photographs. This course will give photographers and aspiring photographers alike the time and opportunity to put these learnings into action in the field under the guidance of an experienced wilderness photographer.

Participants will spend mornings and afternoons in the field looking for photographic opportunities followed by an interactive lecture each day and constructive criticism of any digital photos taken during activities.

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