Wilderness Photography with Rolf Bussmann

Gabriele and I have a keen interest in wildlife and nature photography, therefore the Wilderness Photography course with EcoTraining was the right thing to do at the best time in wonderful Makuleke!

Returning from the northern part of the National Kruger Park, we sat down and sorted our photos from your Wilderness Photography course at Makuleke.

Elefant herd in the grassland at dusk – Photograph © Rolf Bussmann

My first coucal – Photograph © Rolf Bussmann

Buffalo in sunlight – Photograph © Rolf Bussmann

I had bought my new camera a Sony Alpha 6000 with a 70 – 300mm telephoto zoom lens just before visiting Gabriele in South Africa. As a crude amateur in photography, I chose only the “intelligent automatic“ setting of my new camera. As it turns out I had some problems with the focussing as you well.

The wildlife photography Instructor assisted me in adjusting the camera’s focus, thank you for that!

First sunlight at Lanner Gorge – Photograph © Rolf Bussmann

Orb spider – Photograph © Rolf Bussmann

In your course, I learned about the Shutter-, Aperture- and Manual-priority settings. I now have a variety of settings I can choose from. Panning and camera-turning are not amongst my favorites.

 Elefant in grassland at dusk – Photograph © Rolf Bussmann

Buffalos in the morning mist – Photograph © Rolf Bussmann

During our time after the course, we stayed for another week in Kruger and I came to prefer the S-setting with shutter speed adjusting, ISO automatic, and the spot-focussing. I have learned much from EcoTraining and the other participants on the course, especially Sebastian, and I am very appreciative of that.

EcoTraining Photography Course | Makuleke, Northern Kruger National Park

Instructor Chad Cocking gives some insight into the EcoTraining photography course that takes place in the incredibly diverse and wild Makuleke Concession in the Northern Kruger National Park.

Wilderness Photography course

Taking great photographs of nature requires passion, the desire to learn, creativity, and technical skills, but also the knowledge and understanding of one’s subject matter. The wilderness photography course teaches participants about their equipment and how to become versatile wilderness photographers.

Participants also learn about the various elements that combine to create good wilderness photographs. This course will give photographers and aspiring photographers alike the time and opportunity to put these learnings into action in the field under the guidance of an experienced wilderness photographer.

Participants will spend mornings and afternoons in the field looking for photographic opportunities followed by an interactive lecture each day and constructive criticism of any digital photos taken during activities.

For more information about our upcoming Wilderness Photography course:

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